View Full Version : DLC Heros and Unblockables - Just too much

03-21-2018, 06:38 PM
Used to play this game back when it came out through season 1 and part of season 2 until and thenI got fed up with the P2P networking. Came back a day before the dedicated servers came out and have been playing non-stop since, but with the current state of the game I doubt I'll be investing more time into this game. The game is at least playable now, but its the hero mechanics that are killing it.

As the title says. The amount of unblockables with the dlc heroes will and is slowly ruining the gaming experience. Every encounter is an unblockable spam fest and while the quicker heroes can somewhat deal with it the heavier heroes barely stand a chance.

Also whats with these centurion/gladiator attacks that come from a certain direction but can't be blocked, but are themselves not unblockables? Is it because they are stabs? If so why does it matter if there is a direction indicator?

And wtf is up with the centurions ability to perform an unblockable unparryable knockdown? No amount of reasoning can justify his ability to freely knockdown heroes for a leap attack regardless if the targets stamina is present or not.