View Full Version : About "new boosted savegame" option.

03-20-2018, 11:49 PM
Its great, but kinda overpowered and doesn't really serve the purpose it should serve.

I played on hard since november 2017. And enjoyed it a lot. I just wished i could redo some of the bosses. I felt the same way about the elite ships in ac4, which never respawn. U kill them, u loot them... Thats it. Which is a terrible shame. They should respawn over and over to compete with my friends.

When i first heard about this new boost game oprion thingie i thought it would be brilliant. A universe with ad infinitum respawns, never gives u any loot/xp/ap. But u can do 30 elefants in a row if u want. Or shadows. Or repeat a certain mission 30 times in a row.

Instead, i start at level 55, warrior/hunter/seer 15, all legendary stuff on... And play like a noob the tutorial. One hour in siwa. And then realise the sync points arent done. Instead i still gather xp in a weird overpowered way.

I also love the tour. I imagine the new boosted game in the same category. U can repeat a milion times the same activity you would do with your char in the main save, but not gain like 100 more ability points.

And still not able to compete with my friends who can do a certain mission faster, or do a certain boss faster or anything like that.

There should an option. To do the elephants, the scarabs, the shadows of anubis, the bosses in the duat and phylakes ad infinitum. And the missions. But not the tutorial. And not the syncs. If new boosted save game would just place u in a prestine clean world with all the missions and syncs it would make a lot more sense. Delete boosted save. Start new one. But u got syncs and u can teleport and u can start any mission. And then just delete the save game and have the next guy compete. It would still take one minute.

We still do it. But it took 6 hours to do all syncs, explore map. And its still a hack. Save the saves on usb (ps4). Play the thing. Close the game. Restore saves. Start the game again.

Thing is, "boosted save games" are already marked as red. So u can brag about those. And really overpowered. Too many ap as it is.

And boosted savegame is exactly as savegame exept overpowered. While not beint able to excel at one thing cuz u can't resoanably repeat anything.

Maybe its by design.