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03-20-2018, 07:38 PM
I suggest that they move away from group PvP matches and focus PvP on 1v1. They should then move all group match to be PvE or PvAi like in "Test Your Metal" (TYM). I think that players have become very toxic in 4v4. Ganking is inevitable and unavoidable. I suggest we make 4v4 more of a coop play more than a competitive play. I believe they have made giant strides with the AI. I had a lot of fun with the new mode TYM. I think they could focus on balancing heroes for PvP in 1v1 or even 2v2, but I think the 4v4 modes should be PvAi. You will still have ganking but it will be less of a competition to see who is better and more of who is better for completing the goal. Which brings me to my next subject. New modes. This game needs new modes, and it needed them at the launch of S5. Now is the time. They could focus on bigger matches as well. 4v4, 4v6 4v8. You still have 4 actual players, but they are fighting many more enemies now. Increase the scale of the battlefields and make it actually feel like a large scale invasion. This is just a thought. I don't enjoy the PvP aspect anymore. It is too stress filled for my casual game play. I think doing this would help balance heroes in a PvP environment, and also allow 4v4 or group matches to evolve into something truly fun. IMO

03-20-2018, 07:50 PM
I guess. I mean I wouldn't mind because I like playing against ai, but they would have to put substantially more effort into making the ai different and more fun to fight against. This would mean for players like me though that we would probably rarely if ever play PvP as I just find 1v1's boring (but I can see others reasons as to why they like it, and I have nothing against it). Most likely though they would never do this, but it is an interesting idea.

03-20-2018, 07:58 PM
Test Your Metal was perfect, for me. Definitely the best game mode I ever played.

I agree with Cliff_001, if they want to incorporate more PvAI modes, they should probably improve the AI first because as it stands, AI doesn't compare much to PvP, only level 3 bots and even those can be telegraphed if you know what to do.

I definitely agree, we need more, and more varied, game modes. We also need an improved Singleplayer where you can coop with friends and fight against AI while delving into abandoned dungeons or ruins, for example. Roaming in areas outside of the preset chapters, entering ruins/dungeons and surviving till ground zero. Then you retrieve something of value and make your way back out. With pickups / health boosts along the way. Probably implement the use of a torch too. Gotta be real dark and hard to beat places. And you can fall off ledges into gravity if you're not careful. That sort of Singleplayer.

For multiplayer we need:

- 8v8 Siege Mode
- 1v1v1 Faction Brawl (each player must be from a different Faction)
- Six-man FFA
- King Of The Hill
- The return of Test Your Metal
- Wave survival against AI

03-21-2018, 08:36 PM
Speaking as someone who had to grind against ai before dedicated servers, I don't find that interesting, I also am not someone who signs up for the duel queue any more often than is necessary to be sure I don't lose 1v1 sharpness when it comes to defending a zone. Losing 4v4 PvP now that I can actually play it would be a huge loss to me.

In before I must be arguing this because I am a ganker, no, I am one of those who tries to break the deathball by moving around the map, when at least someone else on the team does this, on the larger maps this is often sufficient to force them to play the objective. Yes there are issues and they could do with making forming a deathball less profitable but taking away 4v4 PvP is not the way to do this.

If you want to play PvAI, all power to you, do it, and sure if there are new modes PvP and PvAI all to the better, but that doesn't mean there aren't people that enjoy team PvP and you're essentially advocating taking away a large part of the game for those people when you can get what you want as things stand with PvAI matchmaking.

Or duel since that seems to be your favoured mode, whatever, you do you, but don't tell anyone else that they shouldn't do them.