View Full Version : Let the Characters calm a bit

03-20-2018, 05:28 PM
Good morining/afternnon/whatever time of day. I've been thinking a fair bit while playing the game about how the game used to feel back in beta and season one, before any of the DLC characters.There were unblockable but none other than a couple shove(or a certain headbutt) moves could be very easy spammed. Turtling was a bit of a big thing and almost sort of is today. However the game has changed and I think the parry changes were a step in the right direction (that we've been waiting on for awhile) so it got me thinking about the DLC characters and now the new reworks.
Because turtling isn't as rewarding when you get the parry, do we really need the constant unblockables for each character? Back in seasons 2 and 3 people wanted EVERY character to have an easy unblockable opener and to a degree we got it, Cent and Shin Kick, Glad toestab, Highlander kick and grab, Shaman bodyslam, etc.
After the parry changes however some unblockables feel unnecessary. I've got my Conq to rep 9 I used to be totally for the idea of a charge into unblockable when turtling was more rewarding but now that we have the parry changes it feels almost like it hurts the character. It used to be charge a heavy, let it rip, opponent blocks it, minimal chip, but now that we have more chip damage and a stat to boost it, the chip would be more, except now the attack can't chip, because it's either a hit or parried. It getting parried isn't as rewarding for my opponent but now I know I have to feint the move because the only thing they CAN do is parry.
I suppose it hard to accurately state, but I want the game to calm back down a bit to the more methodical combat it started as, let the heroes chill a bit