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03-20-2018, 03:08 PM
How I would make AC game if I were Ubisoft place? well even if AC origins was "good" let be honest was not the "fresh" game we wanted...

I think Ac games need more mysterious things, I would make is none other than Jesus Christ time, with playing with Barnabas, or Judas or somebody else, Making things from apokryph texts and of course with some idea, The game need to feature EXTRATERRESTRIAL (UFO,ALIENS) too I always tought AC game is really good and fit for that especialy AC1 and AC origins would be way better with those feature! even probably, bible are full of extraterrestrial things.
For the gameplay part: the protagonist should have better physics, or at least have a physics, it move too fast, for that big bodybuilder body, I still think AC1
and AC2 have the best ones.

I would rather make some mysterious things to next ac games than romantic plot, I think it was never really fit for ac games especially to the new ones.Nearly all ac game is the same, there is a protagonist who later met a woman and have a romantic parts, and later make a child I know THIS is LIFE but c'mon its a game,(With this graphics fidelity not even looks great, more like ugly yeah I get there are kids who loves to look naked polygon babes) its boring, ac game story is boring! that's why I think these things(mysterious) should give a fresh, even if just a little better story.

So I really hope Ubisoft is consider to make extraterrestrial to next ac game/s, or at least make more complicated story, with more plot-twist.

03-21-2018, 06:42 PM
I have to disagree with what creedalien is saying - sure there could be more mysterious things but on the whole the Ubisoft team did an outstanding job on Origins. Were all going to find something that we would have liked better or moved faster or played better but if you look at the evolution from AC1 to now how can you complain? As Ubisoft developers meet and surpass our expectations, its only natural that those expectations evolve as well. But lets keep it simple and if it's NOT broke don't fix it such as Unity I believe that was the culmination of trying to jam pack everyones expectations into a new product and look how miserably it failed for the AC community!
So I'll go here: I read a thread earlier (can't find now) of a guy who broke down the pro's and con's of Origins and he would like to see the continuation of Bayek and Aya and their evolving of the brotherhood. I personally would like to see the Viking Era say circa 880 -950 AD. Ubisoft could keep the same platform as Origins as well as the combat system, they can do a whole new "open world" utilizing scandinavia/UK/Ireland/Iceland/Greenland and even the eastern seaboard. Think of the DLC's that they could do and you would be able to use all the Norse Gods similar to ACO. You could use the boats to travel inland as well as intercontinental. You could tie the Viking assasin into the evolving of the brotherhood out of egypt and stay true to historical fact. (some earliest tales of a middle easterner traveling to scandinavia with vikings is fact) so you can bridge the 2 very easily. The Viking AC could easily bridge into AC3 and on, so it essentially could tie all together like AC Black flag did.
The massive world that Ubisoft could run with would be monumental!! you could interact with the Roman expansion, the Saxons, the Celts, The German tribes and even incorporate the hunting aspects of AC 3 (which I loved - fun to kill time when I wanted a break from story). The degree of weapons and fighting can be totally expanded as well as the ability to craft could be crazy. Allow the character to have / build a Guild in various areas. Keep trophies from quests that he could ornate his Guild's interior - really go all out.
I think one of the only things I wish was different is the weapons cache and looting in all AC games. I believe that if you defeat a god or really troublesome boss there should be something truly unique such as the outfit/sword/sheild you got for completing the astrological side quests in ACO being a cross-over from Final fantasy - that was unique!!
You should also be able to hit the motherload in palaces and tombs say a chest with 5,000 drachmas not 5!! Or at the least precious jewels that could be sold for high dollar. Make legendary gear that easily surpasses all others but is difficult to achieve similar to the Anubis set (which I wore proudly).
Again - hats off to the developement team and all involved in ACO - you did a fantastic job on this and the DLC's the biggest problem is I want more and hate re-playing a story I've completed. Please consider the Viking idea and yes while the enormity of what I'm proposing would be a task but at least you could then focus on simpilar DLC's to accompany such as AC Pharoah and Hidden and then you could take a few years off and stear the ship.