View Full Version : Why do people think this game is getting better?

03-20-2018, 09:32 AM
Why? It is spam fest without inertia, faction war is broken (I can't attack with troops I have only option to defend). Like duels are maybe okay if they were not spam fest with broken animations (like lawbringers axe would go straight through my head without any damage taken). Some champs are getting way too much love. The game is getting way too fast and it is getting out of control (broken animations champs are doing really wierd **** like turning in an instance). 4v4 and tributes are dead already. Dominions are spam fest without any brains with catapults which are impossible to dodge unless you are on the edge of the circle (at least make mods without stupid feats). Normal attacks are pretty useless could not get single normal attack off without getting blocked or parried unless I did some autistic ****. Constant fixing balance lol I do not know why games do this it's just tells you how much time they gave to testing (like was Centurion even tested). Good concept stupid devs which makes community to follow. Why did people leave this game?