View Full Version : Issue that need to be adressed asap.

03-20-2018, 08:27 AM
Game select zone garanteing the shield crush afterwards and that cost no stamina. This is garbage. Also, it's really hard to dodge on shiled bash on reaction, especially with shugo.
Also, the fact that char with more than 500ms dodge recovery can't punish the shield bahs is super dumb and makes the move hyper safe.

Every SINGLE time there's a tracking buff on anything in this game, you devs do complete **** and makes it super op. Highlander kick into cabertoss mix up is just the most annoying 505/0 ever, giving 40 free damages.
Also, the kick is almost close to impossible to dodge if staggered by an heavy before that. Super annoying.

The fact that the shaman can feint a 400ms melee attack that deals 40 damage and restore all of her stam is just plain dumbness. Once she made you bleed, she'll just keep spamming forward dash until you dodge and then she'll bite you.
Also her dashed attacks are just ridiculously fast making them super safe. I parry lights way easier than I can parry those god damn teleporting attacks.