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03-19-2018, 09:57 PM
How about reducing Steel/EXP for repeated ganks? Also, making friendly fire much higher would lead to some interesting tactical plans. I don't know how hard the first one is to code.

If those don't seem to be reasonable solutions, a easier solution is to make 1v1 games viable in terms of Exp and Steel gained. I'd love to see EXP and Steel higher in 1v1 modes because I would NEVER play 4v4 again. The 4v4 gankfests don't appeal to me at all. They don't take skill and to me, they are the worst modes for improvement in the game.You simply can't improve against 4v1 especially when Ubisoft continues to give characters more high dmg unblockables.

I only play a couple hours a week at this point but I'd be willing to play more and spend real money on Steel; IF Ubisoft makes 1v1 modes reasonable to play for leveling and other gains.

03-20-2018, 12:38 AM
Increasing FF would not work for a variety of reasons, mainly because there is no negative to the friendly player hitting you. They wonít care how much damage they are doing to you, as long as they get that kill. Then they can revive you after for more points.
A solution Iíve seen for this is that you deduct renown each time you hit a friendly, which would also remove earned feats and so on.
But there is still a lot of room for griefing.

Reducing steel/xp is also a poor idea and will never happen. The devs have stated numerous times they donít want to dictate how players play, and this directly does that. Still, itís called 4v4 for a reason, not 4 1v1s.

03-20-2018, 01:00 AM
It's 4v4 tho not 4 v 1

03-20-2018, 03:06 AM
I hate saying this, but it does have a degree of truth. If you see 3 or 4 people running at you, and youíre then caught by that gank train, it is your own fault and completely avoidable. There is no shame in running from multiple opponents to find backup. As well as you must expect to fight multiple opponents at times, as it is 4v4. If you choose to stay and fight when you know that you are outnumbered, and then get angry when you die, you are a hypocrite. It was avoidable, but you chose to fight.

Different story when you are fighting one person then 3 hostiles come Crusing in and gank you, that is harder to predict, see and counter. Situational awareness does come into play, but doesnít always help.

03-20-2018, 04:08 AM
True but the matchmaking still assumes a team of two bots and two randoms have the same chance of pre made team of 4 if it's even teams then the faults on the player

03-20-2018, 04:55 AM
I can't count how many times I've single handedly broken gank sqauds in dominion by just constantly avoiding their whole team and capturing the other two zones as they run around together ganking my teamates.

All it takes is an intelligence level higher than a monkey.

As stated above as well, I retreat when I'm out numbered and find help.

I certainly don't want any increase in friendly damage.
That would really suck.

03-20-2018, 08:16 AM
For a game called 'For Honor' playing dishonourably is made to be the most effective way..

4v1 is way too effective, whether it is that 1 guy's fault to be caught or not. Maps are WAY too small to make abandoning a point a real problem. You can run from A to C in less than 20 seconds in most maps, and that is barely more time than it takes to capture it. The team that roams as 4 does not lose any strategic advantage by doing so, but gains way too much benefits from doing so.

%100 solution to gank problem: Objectives only generate point if there is a hero in it. The moment last member of team leaves the objective zone it turns back to neutral.

If that is done, gank squads wont be able to generate points in Dominion. This would rid Dominion of gank squads and if they only want to stick to 4v1s then let them go play Skirmish.

03-20-2018, 08:31 AM
I love the old "the game is called For Honor so everyone should be able to 1v1 without interuption", lol.

They have a mode for that, it's called Duel.
And I would completely disagree that gank squads don't lose strategic advantage.

As I explained in my previous post, it's so easy to keep capturing the two zones the four man squad is not occupying and single handedly deliver your team a victory because your opponents were too dumb to realize a full four man gank squad can only capture one zone at a time.

I can't count how many gank sqauds I've done this too.
Sometimes they smarten up and start to divide, sometimes they just keep letting you take the zones until they break.

I'll agree with two things though, I wouldn't mind zones not accumulating points when not occupied and making the maps on the bigger side.

Gauntlet and the Shard are probably my least favorites.
While High Fort and Sentinel would be my top two.

03-20-2018, 09:40 AM
As I explained in my previous post, it's so easy to keep capturing the two zones the four man squad is not occupying and single handedly deliver your team a victory because your opponents were too dumb to realize a full four man gank squad can only capture one zone at a time.

Well, you said it two times and still that is wrong. Read again Mia.Nora's post. "You can run from A to C in less than 20 seconds in most maps, and that is barely more time than it takes to capture it. The team that roams as 4 does not lose any strategic advantage by doing so"
While you avoid gunk squad (if it's not party of low skill players), your three teammates (or, if they not stick together, less than 3) will be done in 10 sec and gunk squad will find you. Sure you can always run from them, but that means in one moment they will have all 3 zones, while you still trying avoid them. Cause even if they split up and you just start fight 1v2 or 2v2, be sure whole team be there in a sec. And smart gunks squad never involve in team fight. They go all 4 on one of you (even if it's 2-3 people in the zone), kill guy in sec, than go to anoter one. Now gunkers have huge advantage. In S2-S3 if they were to dump to attack one person in team fight, that person start all defensive play, and all gunkers died very quickly. Gunkers thouse days were just a joke and trouble for new players, low skilled. Now, with broken indicator in 1vX fights, unblockables, feintspam and all this ****, that happened to this game, you can't stand a chance, if 4 players attack only you.

03-20-2018, 10:18 AM
^^^ lol Iíd like to see a gank train run from A on High Fort to C in 20 seconds flat to contest it then kill me before I even capture the point and move on...or citadel gate, or Sanctuary bridge, or Sentinel, or Guantlet, or many other maps. So many variables come into it itís not possible. That was a gross exaggeration.

03-20-2018, 10:18 AM
Yeah... situational awareness, git gud or whatever, that just ainít how the cookie crumbles.

You get into a game where the other team is hell bent on ganking as a team of 4 and itís over. If your team will not cooperate then you get stuck with the 1 or maybe 2 that do, and you are still heavily outnumbered. I played a game literally 2 minutes ago where the other team coordinate their strikes on you one at a time, itís like youre in permanent stagger. Revenge does nothing for you in this instance (if it works at all anyway), itís not doing itís job properly.

Iíll admit as far as the games state is now, yes they outplayed us. They did not play well though, and it reduced the games fun factor however to a flatline 0.

03-20-2018, 01:53 PM
Now Iím not saying this is a foolproof strategy but it helps. Play the minion zones use them as cover if need be. It gives you the best access to the other 2 zones. While a gank squad is working on clearing to out to capture I either will hold my ground as a distraction or run. You only need one person in that area and really if you are a vanguard then thatís your go to spot. If your team play their classes and the game right itís hard for a gank squad to form. Shut the enemy down fast by using the environment. You donít have time to have a 1v1 right with someone. It sounds cheap to throw someone into a spike wall or off a ledge but this is a war and you donít have time to have an honorable fight with someone. Plus this is a team based game. Have a diverse team of champions and classes. A balanced team can fair better then a team made up of only 1 character and or class. Players have got to get this mentality of 1v1 fights in a 4v4 game mode out of their heads. It rarely will happen and the other team if the chance comes will gang up on one person. Most maps are set up where the zones are in a line. Really you should be focusing on the zone closest to your spawn and the middle with the minions. Use your catapults to clear enemy minions. Itís much fast then hacking away and the points earn help your team. Set your feats to help your teammates more then for personal gain. If you see a team mate struggling help them by disrupting is opponent. Us melee, light attacks, guard breaks. Help set him up for an attack. The biggest issues gank squads have is they just attack and swing away. They rarely work together because everyone on their team seems to fight more to get the execution then playing as a team. I have been playing this way since season 5 started and I have to say I have had more comebacks and matches won then loses. Biggest thing Iím actually having fun with this game. Dominion is a battle field there is no honor or glory to be earned only victory. Iím not saying get down to the level of the gank squads but donít think this game mode is for 1v1 fights either.