View Full Version : Legendary character: Leonidas the hybrid Lion

03-18-2018, 07:26 PM
I would like to have character customization and a wide variety of hybrids to chose from, a lion hybrid and even a bear hybrid would be awesome.

Another great character as npc There are 2 kinds of characters i’d like to see that come in the game, and maybe join my crew. Lets start with Leonidas the Lion, he goes by the name Leo. Leo is a lion hybrid but not of any slave, his DNA is altered by scientists and specifically made to be the best his DNA was also chosen for a reason, a lion had all attributes needed; bravery, a good heart, courageous, smart, a good instinct and of course super human strength.

Leo is not any ordinary hybrid that was made in a mass production lab he was made in a private neat lab and was forced to grow fully aged. This means he is a very muscular guy. Leo is around his 20s. Leo had a youth he was privately made for a very rich couple that wanted to have a playmate for their only daughter and in exchange he could be a strong personal bodyguard in the future. For the best results the couple had real fresh DNA that means a surrogate to grow it into a baby that could be altered later in a vat, before he was born he was ripped out the surrogate and she was never found again.

While growing up Leo had some difficulties fitting in and not because of his appearance but because he was righteous and nothing seemed right what his “parents” did. They were top of the chain slave manufacturers and owned a big slaving company. While growing up he never felt like a brother to Esther (the only daughter) but more like a friend who showed her the better, because of Leo she was nothing like her parents and she often defended him from them. Because they both had the best education (Leo wanted to be a police detective) and the best of everything Leo was always made clear that he was a lesser being and everybody judged the parents for even have him in the house. But when with Esther Leo felt at home and felt loved they eventually fell in love and had a secret romance, she made him even more of a good person.

After their teen years passed they were planning to make a escape because they couldn’t live likes this anymore with all these secrets. But when her father found out he flipped, so he faked Esther’s death and blamed Leo, he then fled to the city trying to figure out what to do next, when the Heartbroken Leo found out how dire the situation for hybrids is his heart cried and in name of his loving Esther who always saw the good in people made him want to help the cause (Leo is a great leader, but had no interest in leading) so Leo became what he always wanted a police detective and after a few years he saw how crooked the system was (he took orders from a pig from the trailer) after he saw the headquarters blow up because of a pig he knew he had to do something,

that is when he found out that he was not alone more were ambitious like him for sake he was not even the only lion hybrid there was a whole community he was quickly accepted in and from this community he leads the revolution against the slavers ( not the humans specific) Leo has a vast army of different hybrids and also a lot of humans because he has both sides of these races he will do his best for both parties. Leo has golden fur and a big mane he also stands totally right and has a muscular body he also has hands but with small claws coming out and same goes for his feet, he also has a big sword and some re-used police armor.

The ressistance can be named just that or The Pack or whatever you like.

What I also have in mind is a genius mad but loving scientist he used to be a doctor and patch up fugitive slaves but when he started researching the hybrids he started to make some experiments and actually made them stronger he can join your crew and that gives you the ingame abilty to get stronger and maybe even mutate you.