View Full Version : Quality of life notes from season 5

03-17-2018, 04:37 AM
So, I've taken another reflective break with the game. Plus I got a new Nintendo switch or as I like to call it my portable Zelda-box. And after taking some time to collect myself I've compiled a list of things that I feel need to be addressed.

A relevant side note, I play for honor almost exclusively for 4v4, so most of this is coming from that.

First of, let me start by saying this about the "gank squad" mentality. It has it's place, the problem is there are no good places outside skirmish that it really belongs..that's not to say I'm opposed to it, he'll I used to enjoy going up against whole teams before. Now, however, just a death sentence. to me it feels like the amount of attacks that can be safely spammed in a group negate any real skillful play one might exhibit.

We have all seen it happen to the enemy or had it happen to us. A player(it could be you this match) is doing fairly well. Handling small skirmishes with finesse and landing all those sweet counters, only to run into a group of 3 or more and get caught in a stagger dance as you get hit stun to death. And to be frank , I'm not sure what changed.

To make matters worse it feels like revenge is often times lack luster in its ability to keep you standing just a few seconds for the friend you know is a few feet away.

And just to get this out there, 4v4 doesn't necessarily mean "four meat sacks bludgeon each other into oblivion relentlessly." For Honor broke several thresholds with this game in the way we look at team fighters. The only problem I see now is that they are stuck with ground breaking fighting mechanics, but the outdated means of delivering this material are holding the title back.

That brings me nicely into this other gripe. I'd like to see more creative game modes. I never cared for dominion of elimination. Tribute was the first mode outside of skirmish that held my interest. There had been several requests dating back to pretty much season 1 asking for siege modes or something of the like and still nothing.

And this last one is something I think needs serious attention. Attack spam. Part of the reason 4s suffer in my opinion is that you have certain moves that can be thrown out from neutral that, while alone are easily mitigated, become exponentially difficult when pressed from multiple sides. There needs to be some kind of penalty for this. Grab any 4 from the roster and cluster them together, you might see 3 different attacks from any of them. Hell I do it to.

Just some thoughts before I head bank to Hyrule, I've got a princess waiting to be rescued.. Again.