View Full Version : PS4 Assassin's Creed Modern Day - A Old School Fans wish

03-16-2018, 03:42 AM
I would like to say that I love All AC games I have played but Ubisoft we have a problem I have a bone to pick with you ,Let me start with a backstory here I picked up AC1 for the PS3 on my birthday i was 14 at the time I expected a medieval assassin game what I got was so much more and so much better I got a surprise that was almost MGS1 Psycho Mantis Kojima Style forth wall breaking that made me forever fall in love with this series we us the player where actually a dude playing a video game of one his ancestors it blew my mind still does ...But I noticed something happened I less began to care about the ancestor and more about the character we were in the modern day Desmond Miles a character that most if not all fell in love with .The modern day conspiracy stuff talking to Vidic learning about Abstergo the Assassins and Templars I wanted more and more and more the character change of Altair from cocky reckless show off to calm collected wise Assassin after everything wrapped up in AC1 I was left in shock with all the crazy first civ stuff and left wanting more modern day story some could say we got that in the other games even getting to do some killing in the modern day that was much needed!! .The modern day story is what hooked me to the series that sense we the player "Desmond" were actually doing something there was stakes even tho there really wasn't the great cast of characters we met Shaun and Rebecca even William ,it is what has kept me buying these games i hope that well get a good modern story line every time call me insane but I have had hope for years and still have not really got much other then AC3 going back to Abstergo etc all that stuff as short as it was it felt so good .All I am asking is please either take the Modern day more seriously or keep doing what your doing ignore it tease us like you did leading up to Origins only to get a lifeless character to replace Desmond with mood issues and be left wandering around a cave for ever yes I waited for that helicopter btw I didn't think you guys where pulling a fast one on me I actually thought there was backup coming to take me to Alexandria to do some assassin stuff but nope again you just tricked me ,well probably get the conclusion in a comic or something. All I ask is for the old school fans for likes of me who you have hooked to the game like a fiend wanting one last fix consider making a Assassins creed with a nice 60/40 % ratio of content 60% animus story that ties into a relevant plot in the modern day then have the main character go do a mission in the modern day returning to a location to solve a puzzle from a 100 years ago where they controlled an ancestor in the very same spot or something and have some action like rebuilding the brotherhood in modern day by using the bleeding effect on recruits then sending them on missions around the globe hunting Sigma team ,POE artifacts tracing Juno ...Remember her do ya ? :P or Just give us a spin off modern day game just one and then il go away just consider it I know im not the only one who would want this there is many like me only we have been ignored overshadowed or laughed at because of the thought of it from a loyal fan /AC Addict just some decent modern day content would be great maybe a new better protagonist like Desmond's son or someone new I hope this gets a decent open minded discussion going if not at least I said what a lot of us have been thinking . PS if you want ideas for a modern story hire me for free il gladly help who needs money anyways creed is life.