View Full Version : Suggestion: The Token Experience Achievement should include diabolic difficulty

03-15-2018, 02:41 PM
I would like to suggest that this Achievement be patched to include Diabolic difficulty (So Mastermind or higher) and if possible be retroactively given to players who have made the mistake, assuming it would be awarded on diabolic difficulty.

04-04-2018, 10:47 AM
I completely agree. I put 31 hours into the game on Diabolic difficulty. For The Token Experience to not include Diabolic doesn't make sense at all. Any other game accept Mastermind difficulty or higher. Such a disappointing end to a fantastic game. I can't get the Platinum unless they do this (and I don't have any other saves, so they have to find a way, like you said, to retroactively award the trophy to those who have completed it.)

Come on Ubisoft. Just a quick patch would make everyone happy.

04-19-2018, 12:29 AM
Agreed, spent 30+ hours on Diabolic to not receive the achievement. Disappointed.