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03-13-2018, 10:01 PM
I gave up hope on FH a while ago and came back to check out S5. Here is my feedback as a returning player and why I think game is not appealing to returning players.

1. Dedicated servers, while a step in right direction, should have been in game from day 1, not after 1 year. That being said it still lacks all major server functions like selecting a server and seeing latency numbers. Also still doesn't work and has errors/latency inconsistency.

2. Game direction is less mind games, and more faster attacks/soft feints and UBs.

3. 4v4 is a horrible mess, even more than before. Maps too small and Xv1 way too strong not to abuse 4vX ganks as a team when you can. Turns it into a horrible experience for ganked team players. This will only drive people away more.

4. Cosmetics.. Rainbows and Fireworks everywhere.. Literally..

Here is the longer version;

--- Dedicated Servers ---
1. First of all why is there still a NAT system in place when we have dedicated servers? Whole point of dedicated servers is to eliminate private network limitations. This is coming from someone with Open Green NAT. By the way I checked out to see if it was just a interface component devs forgot to remove, and I could change my NAT to yellow, so it still is in the game engine. This is silly.

2. Following on NAT system, why the hell can Red NAT players still cause lag in Dominion ??!!!
I even had games where it tried to resynch during game?!
Since I am always connected to same server, why the hell lag changes from game to game?

Does the devs even know how a dedicated server works? I think they just added servers into existing P2P engine as a 9th entity instead of actually making game work on servers like every other game out there.

3. Where is ping and latency numbers for server and other players?? This has been a thing since 90s. That silly colored 4 bars doesn't represent anything.

4. Most important probably, why CAN'T I select the server I want to connect??

--- Character Changes ---
It is clear the game is headed into the direction with;
- more soft feints
- more unblockables
- more quick attacks

In early seasons game was played more in the sense of "I will do this and try to bait this reaction so that I can do that", and now it is more "I will do this and then that, regardless of what opponent might try". Can't say I like it much. But this is just personal opinion I am sure there were people who hated former and love latter. With a playerbase as small as FH it probably doesn't matter much.

--- Parry Changes ---
Kudos to Devs for taking a whole year to do what most people have been telling since beta.

--- 4v4s Clusterfak ---
I realized that they changed the way indicators work in 1vX. And it is a horrible mess now that makes following the direction of attacks so much harder in ganks. Combined with premade teams being put vs pugs, indicator change and character changes with more UB, soft feints and quick attacks; ganks are so much worse than ever. Before anyone says it is on players to stick around etc, let me say this;

Dominion is not an original mode, it is a simple copy/paste mode from every other multiplayer game, and I assume For Honor devs just ripped it off directly from Neverwinter Online's Domination Mode where there are 3 objective Points that accumulate points for the team holding it, and wins when a teams reaches 1000. Even number 1000 and name of game mode. Difference in NWO is things like protected spawn points, and properly designed maps enforcing winning team to separate that technically ensures sticking around as a team is a sure way to lose. So people fight all over the map some places as mini groups and others as 1v1 or 1v2s.

Not being able to deliver that here in FH is on the Devs.

--- Cosmetic Changes ---
Best thing about For Honor was the way it looked. It made me endure the problems and keep playing it regardless. Now every game is full of literal RAINBOWs and FIREWORKs !! I absolutely have no idea what the hell they were thinking. But judging by the look of every Dominion apparently people love it. It just sucks that I wont be able to enjoy it anymore..

03-13-2018, 10:09 PM
The game is done. The only people who continue to waste time playing constantly are those who play with friends or who enjoy the spam, unblockable and never ending feinting that the game has become. After I stopped playing 50+ hours a week and now I login for a couple hours a week; I've realized just how bad the game really is. The idea was amazing but it's a joke now.

03-13-2018, 11:50 PM
I get in, do the orders, then get out. Game is aggravating and meme-centric. Cannot spend a second longer in it.

03-14-2018, 12:29 AM
Welcome back Mia and thank you for the input. My thoughts are similar.

Sad to see you come back just as I am taking a break.

03-15-2018, 09:53 AM
Yes it's heart breaking the absolute irrelevance the idea of rainbows and fireworks.
The game's world was beautiful,,the concept of combat gripping,, now it's 4x1 murder squads that actually think they've achieved something other than being total d!cks when they stand over a single player who they've just smashed spamming rainbows,, fireworks and the rest.I've said before that now before I load the game I'm concerned that when I turn it off I shall so with a sore head because of the spam fests and gank fests..
One more point that gets me is that some people who think they're good leave games when they're getting beat to preserve their K/D ratio...WOW.
They ain't good on true form,they only look good on FHtracker or the in game player stats..Talk about living the lie.

03-15-2018, 11:04 AM
Hi Mia, not a rep, but just going to hit a few points the devs have either talked about or I have heard/picked up on elsewhere.

Dedicated servers.

There is still a NAT because not everything is on servers, PVP is, still currently not are PvAI and custom games.

In terms of lag, I guess it is affecting different people in different ways, I haven't had a resynch and have gone from can't complete one game in five to I have only dropped three in over a hundred. In terms of lag in general, and I suspect this is more for 1v1, they are close to lag compensation (private test phase which on dedicated servers meant days away).

Character changes

Yeah there have been a few complaints about this, my thought has always been wait until all the reworks are through but it does seem that faster is not appreciated. One thing I would say is that lag compensation might help some, under servers more light attacks on console get parried before and that is without the added adjustments.


Parry is something that has been pretty divisive over the community, different people panned every one of their planned changes after the PTS for different reasons, in my view this is watered down from PTS but overall still a decent change, yeah it has taken a while that notwithstanding


That is a hot topic on the forum currently, yeah. On a personal level, I try to be the one not to get sucked into it and go take the base they are night fighting near, on some games it turns the game, on others, mostly the smaller more linear maps, at times that really isn't possible. Half the problem comes in skirmish's low player base I suspect, the other is it works and that is something that the devs could do with looking at in the same way they have adjusted duel maps to make them less ledge-centric.


It is possible to turn them off in the main menu, I believe it is also possible to turn just everyone else's off and see your own. Obviously that doesn't change that they are there but if it is a quality of life change for you then there is that.

03-15-2018, 11:27 AM
Iím going to copy and paste this to the server feedback, but itís alsl relevant here.

Servers arenít working well for me. My region is Oceania on Xbox one, and today I played 5 games. 3 I disconnected from, I know I should have read the error code but I was so didsapointed I just skipped right out. I also got what I believe people call a shadow lobby, which I believe was meant to be fixed. Basically, I joined a game and was stuck in the face off loading screen infinitely until I closed and restarted my game. I donít know why others experiences are so different, but a lot of these DCs seemed to be from people joining the game i was in. Iím also wondering if it has to do with my sub-par internet, but I wonít know if thatís the case for a while until my government upgrade it. But, by the time that happens it will already be outdated so go figure.