View Full Version : Is thre a gamepad configuration tool?

03-13-2018, 07:40 PM
I buyed this game long time ago and played it a while with mouse and keyboard. But i didnt have a chance when it comes to blocking and i blamed often lag aswell so i left the game until now because dedi servers. I also buyed a f310 logitech controller and i wonder how people actually can play like this lol. Im pure PC and the last timemi had a pad in my hands was on nintendo super mario....

So i went to the options and wanted to rebind buttons but i am not allowed...unless with a keyboard.

The main issue i have is i have to get off the right joystick to dodge which i find very un-intuitive... i would like to control my guard with left joystick havin my right hand completly control the buttons same time, when it comes to moving/running unlocked i would use right joystick. Only the dodge button would be needed to the left LT/LB buttons.

Is there a tool i can use to re-assign functions? i see logitech profiler is not availble anymore and my logitech gaming software is not offering configuration of game pads.

(still wonder how people can play like this, the camera and alter ego control same time driving me mad aswell....)