View Full Version : Problems that needs attending.

03-12-2018, 04:34 PM
I wanna talk about 2 subjects. One of them is the ridiculous amount of steel grinding and the second is bugs that make the game inconsistent.

We pay 60$ for this game and there is a whole system installed which support players to pay for steel if they wanna feel like they're advancing at all.
1. Orders are just laughable. you get 8 orders for 2 days which only 2 of them really help out with steel gain, either let us do more orders or increase the steel gain.
2. items in the store are overpriced as s**t, 7k for a filthy emote? an effect? let's say, fine, they're purely cosmetic, but Executions Aren't. the health and speed value
changes. so how about handing out 100 - 500 more steel for each end game to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd top players of the match: 500 for the top player, 250 for the second and
100 for the third.

As for the bugs, there are things that absolutely infuriate me in terms of gameplay that are day 1 bugs, like the revenge not always knock back players to the ground if they hit you while you activate it, Or the fact the if you gb someone 100ms before your opponent gb you, he gets a free gb on you.
and to top it all off, theres the issue with the incoming attacks indicators disappearing if theres more than one attacker on you..
How the **** are you supposed to counter gankers with this bulls**t?