View Full Version : There is no point to play dominion anymore.

03-12-2018, 03:53 PM
There is one problem in dominion mode, that im sure everyone notice.
This mode is turn out from object base to bloody skrimish.
No one care anymore to play to object, all they do is running a 4 team as a group, and hunt one by one.
And since revenge is pointless, its work well most of the time beacuse its very hard to stand against more then 2 enemy and survive for long.
90% of dominion matches is a skrimish in one spot on the map when 2 team fight each other to death.
No one care on object.
No one care to capture points.
No one care to clear middle.
The fastes way to win is going as a group and start hunting players.
Its not fun anymore.
Please, think on something to make dominion mode rewards the player who play the object, and stop this boring thing.

03-12-2018, 04:09 PM
Unfortunately this is true. Tribute is still fun. But revenge is fine

03-12-2018, 07:35 PM
Congratulations! Youve been matched with a pre made death squad. This could be an easy fix for UBI by making solo qs but I think secretly they dont want casual players to play their game

03-12-2018, 07:55 PM
Well, add faster attacks , unblockables just make a gangfight harder , chance close to 0 , which is a cancer for 4v4 lovers , like me , i dont HAVE so much fun anymore on this game and this mod becaus its exactly what u said ( i dont see epic moment like u stay in fight vs 2 or 3 and still win very often these days ,not becaus of players r good or better now, its just u cant do anything about all unblockables, kicks, bashes and...at the same time.After 700 h in this game , at this point i have to say they ruined that game :( . Reworks to unblockables for sure the wrong way to make 4v4 interessting, elimination is death since long time,and i think dominion will not take long time either(sad) only thing i would play for now is tribute , and im very sad about this.

03-12-2018, 07:58 PM
Congratulations! Youve been matched with a pre made death squad. This could be an easy fix for UBI by making solo qs but I think secretly they dont want casual players to play their game

the real problem in my opinion is that death squada are efficient. Let's say you roll with 3 other people and just kill everyone one by one. It creates a trickling effect where the enemy team with come in one by one trying to kill your team. By this point, you have all the points even if the enemy team can wait for each other, group up and try and fight your team, they're just trying to get a zone while you're still getting points from the other zones. And if they split up to try and cap a different zone while their team holds you off, you'll just murder their team and then go murder the other guy and recap the zone that's what Dominion is about lol.

03-12-2018, 08:09 PM
Cannot agree more! I used to really like Dominion and a Duel in between. But nowadays Dominion ist just ******ed and in my opinion here's why:

- Raider Stampede Charge, Lawbringer Impaling Charge, The long Arm, Warlord Crashing Charge... so all of this Attacks make you stuck in an Animation and while this happens, you are about to just die. Not even Revenge helps here
- People run arround like a meatball and kill everything
- game is overrun by Unblockables and Hyperarmor
- Revenge is little to no threat to anyone, people even oos top heavy, because it doesnt matter. Why would it mater that you Parry 4 people with revenge? as a assassin you can get some quick dmg in, but as a highlander you get nothing for it, attacks to slow, revenge gives no defense at all, I die like paper
- Feats sucks.. comeone bleed feats they are to strong and berserker fear itselfs sucks too.. it increase bleed dmg.. like that makes sense? no it doesnt.

60 minutes ago I had a game that was pretty even, untill the end where both teams broke and a centaur used catapult to kill 3 people. ye like that is balanced or something? this is pure ********.

so improve dominion for ****s sake and its not so hard..

- increase defense in revenge, increase the duration that you fall and lay on the ground if parried by revenge, allow to cancel a stampede charge or any other **** animation when being hit and rework the feats god damn

03-12-2018, 08:55 PM
I have a suggestion or two to fix Dominion. Let me know what you guys think

Eliminate the front. Not as a whole, but remove it as a point to be captured. If you want free points, you go there and get it. Right now, if you have one person boosting a point and you killed the whole enemy team, there isn't much to do. If you don't have constant points from the front, you're more likely to go there and get some while there's downtime. Currently the front regulates itself which is pretty lame. Even if nobody goes to the front, it will go back and forth and teams will lose it and recapture it automatically. The front needs constant attention even if the other team is completely ignoring it which is a stupid mechanic. Losing B when the enemy didn't even try and capture it at clutch times can completely break a game for you and it sucks. i think having 2 zones only will make it easier for losing teams to come back. When death squads roam around capturing your point, the losing team doesn't need to work on capturing 2 points. Just one to regain composure and maybe gets some extra points by fighting in the front. 3 points keeps people too separated.

Another suggestion is to make it so you get points similar to skirmish. If you're ganking, you get less points for a kill. An example would be let's say you get 4 points for a 1v1 kill. Whereas a 3v1 or more would get you only 1 point. But if you win a 2v1 the points multiply. So since it's a 2v1, each kill nets you 8 points. So if you gank people 4v1, you only get one point if you kill him. But if that one person kills even one of you, he gets like 12 points instead. So you get 1 point for the gank kill, but the enemy gets 12. That would discourage ganking. I didn't really think about the math of it. Those are just random numbers. But you get it.

Thoughts? Maybe I should make a post for suggestions?