View Full Version : Team Composition for Dominion

03-10-2018, 10:36 PM
So every time a match starts im sure we all automatically evaluate our team, which characters make it up, and I was just wondering what goes through your mind when you see certain heroes.

I personally love it when I see a Lawbro on my team because they are usually very handy in team battles and support. Wardens, Warlords, Berserkers and Orochis are usually pretty good too. Highlanders are hit and miss.

I absolutely HATE seeing a shinobi on my team (I just don't like the hero in general though) because of how few ppl are actually good with him. Every time i see one I basically think to myself "well it looks like it's going to be 3v4." They just die so quickly and most ppl play at a distance with them which is so annoying.

Anyways do you guys ever have the same thoughts or is this just me?