View Full Version : Would you like revenge better if it were like this?

03-10-2018, 09:09 PM
Revenge mode
Attackers are knocked over upon activation
Player gains flat health shield
Attacks are uninterruptible
Player throws knock over attackers
Player gains bonus attack (only the gear score will increase)
Player gains bonus defense (how much? I dunno)
Player is no longer stumbled upon being hit with attacks
Player cannot be stunned or knocked over
Player can block normally unblockable attacks
(Maybe the player gains Revenge at a slower rate I don't know I hate doing math and it might not be warrented)

As you can probably guess from reading this I am suggesting these changes based 4v4 game modes as it's meant to be a way to survive fighting multiple people simultaneously. Note though, that I said "survive" and not "win". In a lot of the "buff revenge" threads I see people who don't like revenge at all because they don't think people should be rewarded for doing stupid stuff, and I kind of agree, I don't think you should gain extra health and damage because you think you're Naruto and tried to Believe It against 4 other people. In my eyes, revenge is for either running away from too many enemies to fight, or keeping yourself alive until reinforcements arrive.
As of now though, revenge is made useless for fighting (unless you're one of those 1v+ savants) because the amount of unblockables in the game, or hold-you-down CC like Centurion's charged stab+jab or sickle rain, and it's bad for running away because moves moves track you and even in revenge if you're hit you stumble and lose sprint. So my idea is that revenge doesn't give bonus health or bonus attack, but instead offers a large damage reduction, as well as complete immunity from CC, and the ability to block attacks that you couldn't normally block so that it can fulfill your intended purpose of waiting for help or getting away from a bad situation.

tl:dr Revenge should be for defensive survival purposes, not offensive purposes

But hey, that's just a brainstorm I had, and one I didn't even spend that much time on.