View Full Version : Centurion needs rework/buff

03-10-2018, 06:17 PM
With no garanteed gb his ONLY way to do his punish it's the kick that if you are too close to the wall doesn't work. His health pot is the lowest in the game; can't understand why the safest char in the game, Shinobi, recieve 2 buffs for that. Cent now can't even charge an heavy after a light parry. If ganked has the lowest chance to get out of a fight 'cause can't hold 2 hit, without talking about his skills like rush that's pretty useless for his speed buff or phalanx that has no duration. The ONLY good thing that remain to him is kick's punish with no direction's control, unless the enemy hit a wall. I'm ready to read "Centurion is op" from some brainless player that maybe never used centurion.

03-10-2018, 09:54 PM
One thing you must realize is that this game is made by ***gots and its player base is full of cupcakes and weebs who suffered from too much bullying.

Cool and bad *** characters will always be nerfed, while the skinny stabby stabby emo *****s will always be on top.