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03-10-2018, 12:32 PM
Replaced my Mystical - Fantasy deck a few days ago with a Sci-Fi - Fantasy deck. I ended last season around position 1500 in legendary, but that was with my Mystical-Fantasy deck. Don't really know how far I can get with my current deck as I have been sandbagging quite a bit. I do have the impression that my current deck is much less consistent and more based on luck. Both losses and wins are often very unexpected.
Apart from the spells all commons are lvl5, rares lvl 4 and epics lvl3. All cards are fully upgraded within their level.Getting the cards to upgrade them to a higher level will take a lot of time. Probably I will quit the game before that even happens. So since the cards themselves can't be improved any further, the only way to get higher in the rankings is replacing the cards (or maybe get better at the game).

Assassins: Princess Kenny, Paladin Butters
Fighters: Enforcer Jimmy, Alien Clyde, Stan the Great, Dogpoo, Marcus, Alien Queen Red
Ranged: Terrance Mephesto, Nathan
Spells: Poison lvl4, Hyperdrive lvl3

I have a Sixth Element Randy lvl2, Shieldmaiden Wendy lvl2 and a Grand Wizard Cartman lvl1. If I had a Mecha Timmy, I would probably use him to replace Dogpoo.

I am thinking about maybe replacing Dogpoo with an Ice Sniper Wendy or a Catapult Timmy if I can save up the coins and mats to get themto level 4. Probably will go for the Timmy since I already have a max lvl5 Angel Wendy and I might go back to Mystical if Purify and Powerbind get beffud again.

Any advice?

03-11-2018, 07:48 PM
Hmm... so no Tank, No Mecha Timmy, No Rat Swarm, No underpants gnomes?


03-11-2018, 09:57 PM
Hmm... so no Tank, No Mecha Timmy, No Rat Swarm, No underpants gnomes?


AWESOMO 4000 is the second worst and Grand Wizard Cartman is the worst tank in the Game. Don't really miss not having a tank though. Marcus fills the role of tank to some extent. If I had the materials to level Mimsy to max level 5 I would consider using him. Another option would be PC Principal, but I lack the materials and the cards.

If I had Mecha Timmy, I would definetely use him, but alas I don't. Having him would really help me out a lot.

I feel like rats and gnomes are overrated. Too many counters. Just looking at my deck I'm thinking Alien Queen Red, Poison, Terance Mephesto, Nathan and even Marcus who's a bit "tanky".

03-13-2018, 03:58 PM
Hanmann i too run a sci-fi/ fantasy deck. I agree the tanks suck for both themes so is use enforcer jimmy and dog poo as mini tanks and Iíve been just doing fine in he legendaries. Yes there are a lot of counters for rats but used in the right way are extremely deadly. I use them more as a defensive unit, unless I have a good push going than Iíll throw them out on the flank. Swarm units are a very versatile unit. Other than that I like your deck. Good luck!