View Full Version : Two important features that need to be present in ME

03-08-2018, 03:28 PM
1- Respawn count modifier
2- Asymmetric PVP (1 vs 11 ) ( 2 vs 10) ...

The first (Respawn count) will add the possibility for us to create a more tactical PVP experience if the player knows the risks of dying.
Examples of use :
- A mini battle royal game in deathmatch mode
- A tactical defender/attacker game in team deathmatch mode

The second one (Asymmetric PVP) will add a possibility to create a fun experience
Example of use :
- A horror type of games where one player (beast) is equipped with a bow&arrows and need to chase unarmed/melee 11 players in the night

03-08-2018, 03:29 PM
Note that they mentioned "asymmetric loadout in team deathmatch" not sure what it means though !

03-08-2018, 04:28 PM
Note that they mentioned "asymmetric loadout in team deathmatch" not sure what it means though !
I believe this is what asymmetric loadout in team deathmatch could mean.

When creating a load for Team Games it is possible to give both teams different weapons / gear etc
So you could if you wish give one team wingsuits and parachutes and have them spawn in the air and give the other team grappling hook or no gear at all, you could give one assault style weapon and the other long ranged or rockets or many other choices.

So they are saying you can give one team different choices and can if you want make an attack defend type scenario if you want (that's my interpretation of it)

03-08-2018, 07:26 PM
These are 2 things that I would also love in the game, and feel NEED to be in the game. The IGE seems bigger and better than any of us imagined, but the lack of modes is a HUGE blind spot. DM / TDM are great but can get stale and limit Map creativity. Adding DM/TDM Spawn Count Modifiers, Asymmetric Teams modes, and also multiple team options, it vastly increases what can be done and how a map can be enjoyed.

You will turn DM / TDM modes into:
1) Last Man Standing (w/ loadouts)
2) Team Last Man Standing (w/ loadouts) *Think Socom
3) Batte Royale (No loadouts)
4) Multiple Team Battle Royale (Duos / Squads) (W/ No Loadouts)
5) Predator/Evolve Asymetric game types
6) Attack v Defend game types like RB6 Siege

PLEASE make this happen Devs! The success of this amazing IGE will weigh heavily on the addition of these DM/TDM modifiers being added. Twitch streamers will be able to promote your product in a much better way too. "You can create a Battle Royale Map" will go a long, long ways. Or "I can create Socom style maps / modes", This could put FC Arcade into the stratosphere. You have a generation of gamers that grew up on Minecraft and building worlds. give them more reason to pick up FC5. They (Like us) will eat this up.