View Full Version : Let us choose the effects we want to see

03-08-2018, 01:21 PM
I personally don't like to have all these special effects we have in the current game. Even for the smallest things like blue glowing weapons for just entering my combo chain, or yellow weapon glow for a leg sweep, burning armour and weapon/s for an unblockable, etc.

Maybe there are folks that appreciate this kind of "help", but in my case after 1 year of playing, I know pretty well when I am performing a combo and the light effects are just annoying and unattractive since after 1 month of playing and learning the game!

I turned of all the idle, emote and execution efffects, because I think they don't fit into the game and it looks too Star Wars like. If I wanted that, I would play Star Wars!

Please Ubi give us some options to choose, which effects we really want to see, and also maybe an option to just "lower" the flashy effect on unblockables ... because this is the only effect I would indeed appreciate in a lower form.