View Full Version : Sugestions for a great game :)

03-08-2018, 05:07 AM
Helo guys first i wanna to say i love For Honor(And im not the great at english) its a game i play almost everyday and i think this game its a Masterpiece,but it has some flows i have some ideas how to make the game Explode i know some of em are exagerated but maybe you guys will find some inspiration:

1.Alternative weapons...sooo it will be a cool ideea to make the characters in the game use other weapons i mean why not i can play a sword and shield warden or a Giant Mace Lawbro or a dual kunai Shinobi why throw 1000 new characters when you can make the character and gameplay YOU like

2.Be unique:So on this one i rly dont like i have to choose a color for Neutral/Attack/Defence...especialy defence ugly as fk colors let people be creative,and more i whould like to add/remove parts of the armors...maybe i whant to have only one shoulderpads or maybe i whant that my warden to have a hood or maybe i whant him to be helmless why not?,why not add more armor variation...everytime i get a new armor i feel the same i feel im exactly as my friend that play warden,our characters are not that diferent,add diferent armor variation like the weapons,its very sad when i look medieval but my weapons look like God's-Craftmanship with jewels and gold and things like that dont get me wrong i like medieval more then shiny and fancy characters...but it looks bad on my character when all of my weapons are God-tier and my warden boots are rusty as hell ( and i dont have the option to change his boots...and dunno about you but at higher reputation i find only God-tier weapon parts

3.Make Gamemods:This game will be a BLAST(its a blast as it is) if you will make cool gamemods like...objectives and mision based gameplay ( like in single-player campain) i mean take this scenario put a map and the attacking team has to take a ram on a gate and protect it and the defence team has to stop em at all cost if the ram reaches the gates it will take like 20-30 sec untill she destroy the gate if the defence team failed to stop the ram then the attacking team destroy the gate and procede to the next objective that will be something like hold the central plaza of the city/castle/bla bla...the defence team will have to stop em if the attacking team did hold the plaza with the minions for like dunno 1 min or less they will proced to the final destination that will be to assasinate a king(knights) or an emperor(Samurai) or a chieftain(Vikings) that will be an NPC ..here the attacking team need to coordonate to kill the Defence team and kill the VIP and the Defence team should prevent this at all cost and this its a Scenario,you can add more of what scenario do you wish this will make the game enjoyable as fk and will improve the game a lot

4.Friendship and Training: i always find people who i help to learn the game or become better,im a decent player Myself but that i know i try to teach other that are less then me,i always try to calm em down when they rage and say its a game of skill and the better player win but if try train and play they will get better and will win,soo where i wanna go with this one..its simple i whant to know if you guys can add some form of a Guild system when you can make a guild to recruit people chat with em everywhere , maybe you can meet with em in a guild hall where all guild member will have acces lets call it something like...a "social District" when people come to chat with em characters and there you can find arenas when people can train and speak

And i have many more but il just list these ones i dont think any of em will or can be added in the game so i will not stay here and type xD for nothing

Keep the good work and make this game Great you guys are a big company you can do better and you can make this game one of the greatest online in history dont ruin it,Good luck and have fun see you on the Fields of Battle

(i did post it on general discution,sorry for that one :) )