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03-08-2018, 12:49 AM
Hey guys,
I've been very quiet over the months on the forums, mostly because I didn't want to accidentally leak information of any kind.

So as it states above, I also was part of the tech test and I now want to detail some of the maps I've made which will be available soon after launch.

1) The Shire (Lord of the rings Remake)

This map was the first thing I made, it's a large-ish map built for Team Deathmatch. It's great for setting everything on fire, it's generally a more natural map, with high amounts of vegetation.

2) Rivendell (Lord of The Rings Remake)

Another remake. It's quite a small map, built for PVP and Solo/Co-op, features a really nice backdrop, however I do wish I made it larger inside Rivendell itself (LOTR fans will see what I mean when you get to play it)

3) Revengeful Retreat

This map is a mansion on a cliffside, inspired by the image shown below. It's set up to be Singleplayer only as it's over budget for PVP (there's a LOT of assets in the map)



As it's the map I enjoyed making most on Far Cry 4, I decided to begin remaking it on the Far Cry Arcade editor, it's not complete yet, but will most likely be made for both PVP and PVE.

If any of the tech test guys want to post their maps, please post below, I can add them into the main post :)

03-08-2018, 02:11 AM
I hate you and love you for this post...haha

03-08-2018, 02:35 AM
I hate you and love you for this post...haha

That's fair :P don't worry though, it'll be worth the wait :)

03-08-2018, 03:10 AM
Super pumped to see the Revengeful Retreat map. Sounds like a map I could study, and learn from.

With all this information coming out I've been having a blast just thinking of map ideas. One that I have in mind is like a mil-sim style map. It would be inspired by the games of Arma, and Squad. The architecture, and shapes of the compounds would be inspired by Afghanistan. My one concern would be how big to make it, as it is only 6v6 TDM.

Keep those creative juices flowing!

03-08-2018, 03:29 PM
I suppose I can tell you about some of my maps, so you can get an example if what I personally have made:

-Old World Origins, a TDM recreation of AC Origins
-Old York City, a DM NYC downtown style map
-Assault Training, a DM map using all generic assets and fancy lighting
-De_Dust2, a total recreation of the CS map, cooped with Zoolee
-MMA Octagon, a TDM map, set in the MMA octagon, fist fight only up to 12p. Hellish, and hecktic. Yetis outside map keep you off the fence for fear of being hit and killed
-Trailer Trash, name says it all, a trashed trailer park, DM, or TDM, set in scenic mountain scene with river and park
-Red Dead Minetown, a ghost-mine town area set in Utah, TDM
-Its dam Crysis, a TDM map on a large custom dam, similar to Crysis 3
-Pools of SIloam, a TDM map set in historic roman occupied Jerusalem, coop with Zoolee
-Wall Street Gangsters, a TDM map set atop a highrise, indoor and outdoor map

plus several more that arent far enough along to mention imo. Most of these should be ready at launch.

03-08-2018, 03:31 PM
For the mansion was them actual pieces or the bland ones you can paint? Do they take up a ton of budget? That map kinda reminds me a little bit of Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 3 DLC map.

Don't think i can go into too many details, but it's not made with generic shapes if that helps, also, its pretty similar lookong to that mansion, im sure Kyle or anyone else would back that up :)

03-08-2018, 03:39 PM
How are our maps suppose to get any plays with so many great maps coming out launch day? I am just kidding these look great!

03-08-2018, 03:43 PM
His mansion is made in that STYLE, but its not the same layout. Visually, its very similar though.

He made it early on, and didnt use generic assets because they wouldnt match the style. If he were to make it again, I am confident he WOULD use generic assets though, for reasons I probably cant discuss here yet.

So the mansion, if remake using those, would likely be far less budget heavy than it currently is, and probably be fine as a MP budget friendly map. Probably is the key word.

And yes, its really nice :)

03-08-2018, 04:33 PM
Bit jealous of you guys. Will check em for sure. Btw that villa looks alot like a fc4 map ive made, Sapphire Cliff.

03-08-2018, 04:37 PM
Bit jealous of you guys. Will check em for sure. Btw that villa looks alot like a fc4 map ive made, Sapphire Cliff.

Haha nice, ive over detailed it though, so may need to remove some bits for PVP to allow free movement around the mansion :)