View Full Version : Awesome-O unique possible add

03-07-2018, 10:01 PM
watching a stream with someone playing him and i know hes epic and he will be much better as he levels up, but thoughts on maybe this?? Say when he attacks and hits someone he stuns/freezes them for maybe 1/2 second? fits theme, not sure if 1/2 second good or not but sounds okay, plus for a 5cost card gives him more utility which is the only reason to go above 4 cost nowadays and easy way to make him competitive or at least have options in certain deck types
Fits with the whole cartman theme of nothing gets around him, while adding a unique element to him as a cartman card. Please nerf poison range if you do this haha

might even change his animation to a roundhouse basic attack, small roundhouse of course being in a box and all lol

Random thought :)