View Full Version : Some thoughts on Magic (Chickens) cards

03-07-2018, 09:30 PM
Trying to be brief.

1.Cokk Magic should NEVER target Angry Cokks
2.Angry Cokks need a SMIDGE more health.

I have been playingfor a while now, and have always played the blue adventure cards with neutral and sci-fi support, but I recently changed to blue/pink/neutral with a focus on Chicken Coop, Amazingly Randy, and Cokk Magic.
After getting whipped from 40-42 pvp down to 34-35 and then back up again playing with chickens, I have learned of their foul ways. I have 2 proposals for these chicken cards.

1. All of the Angry Cokk cards are epics, I believe. They are twice as hard to upgrade. I'm hoping with this update, the Angry Cokks themselves will see a SMALL health boost as their own unit across the board, as I believe this will vastly imrpove the idea of a large number (3-5) of chickens doing teeny tiny peck damage. I believe their damage is fair if they could stay alive for just another peck or two. Perhaps JUST lo g enough to survive ONE more attack while the Chicken Coop cranks out another one.
The Chicken Coop itself I think is okay as long as the Angry Cokks are worth a little more for the energy, spawn time of units, and rarity of the card.

2. This is my most hated discovery to date. Even more than the first time I got hit with Manbearpig + pope timmy + paladin butters.


I mean I think that's enough said.
"Turns two random NON-Angry Cokk units into Angry Cokks"
Problem solved.

Just really trying to make chickens viable and it's been doing me good. Hoping the update will address this.