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03-07-2018, 02:38 PM
For Honor Developers and Gamers
I'm a gamer from Chile, SouthAmerica so excuse me if my english is not very well, I'm not native...
I play the game since Jun 2017 and After hours and hours thinking about how are making the Gamers Clasification, I have an idea of how we can improve it and train fight 1vsX.

I have a propousal about the ranking sistem, I suggest that it can depend to fights against BOTs:

First of all it will be 1vs1:
1vs1 Bot level 1 (x12 fights)
1vs1 Bot level 2 (x12 fights)
1vs1 Bot level 3 (x12 fights)

Then it gets more interesting 1 vs 2:
1vs2 Bot, lvl 1 & lvl 1 (x6 fights)
1vs2 Bot, lvl 1 & lvl 2 (x6 fights)
1vs2 Bot, lvl 2 & lvl 2 (x6 fights)
1vs2 Bot, lvl 2 & lvl 3 (x6 fights)
1vs2 Bot, lvl 3 & lvl 3 (x6 fights)

Then it can be 1vs3 and 1vs4

Its true that many players can take many BOTs as they come, but for the most of the players this would be ok. After this challenges I think you can make a ranking for de TIER SS Players, the best of the best.

At the time you reach higher in the ranking, you get better lot and the fights will be unblocked to train that Heroe. For instance, you can have:
Warden: 1vs2 Bot, level 2 and level 3: Equipment level: 24
Orochi: 1vs2 bot, level 1 and level 2: Equipment level: 18

The last think to do is make the players pass this path and not to stay in it, but I think the equipment level most be enought to make the job

Thanks for reading!

From Chile
Héctor Esteban