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03-07-2018, 01:32 AM
Something I like to do in Assassin's Creed games is complete all of the side content for 100% first before I do the story. I know that's probably a little unusual, but I like having all features and areas available to me when I tackle the storyline, partly for the cutscene aesthetic, and partly to make the campaign just a little easier.

In 2, Brotherhood, Revelations and III, I pretty much strip-mine the entire map, doing as much content as is available in each sequence (due to the arbitrary "You can't go here" barriers that pop up). Syndicate and Origins were my favourites, because they let me go wherever and do whatever, so as soon as I had the basic tools unlocked by the story, I went off and got everything in the game done.

I'm at Sequence 3, Memory 5 of Black Flag. I've been completing all the locations the story has dragged me to so far (except for the ship-based bounty missions), but I kind of want to go take on the rest of the world and get all the content completed. Ideally, I'd visit the land-based locations first while occasionally taking on small ships to build resources and level up my ship, so I could then do all the sea-based content such as the big Man o Wars. Am I at an appropriate point of story content-unlocks to begin doing the side stuff? Or are there more story unlocks I should get done first else they'd block me?

Similar question goes to the other games in the title, as I've not touched them at all and a heads-up would be nice.

03-07-2018, 02:39 PM
I get the playstyle you are going for. However, if I remember correctly Black Flag has a LOT of story-locked content and even gadgets and other things that may make some activities like assassination contracts more fun to begin with. (Pretty sure you don't get rope dart till near end-game in Black Flag) So personally I would complete the story, doing any side activities you may need to upgrade your ship. But other than that, just go back to all the side stuff after completing the story. At least in Black Flag, as some actually really good stuff is story-locked pretty deep in. If you really don't want to do story until finishing all the side objectives, the rope dart should be one of if not the last thing you unlock from the story. So once you get that you could stop. (Assuming you already have blow dart by this time, maybe that one is later. Pretty sure rope dart is later though.)

Unity has a lot of stuff. I focused almost completely on the story first personally and didn't touch much extras until end-game. So to be completely honest I'm not sure if some of them are locked. My advice though would be to sync viewpoints and buy social clubs ASAP, and just do activities that are your level or below. (You can still try the higher ones, but there isn't much point if you can just come back later and do it when you are proper level, spaces out the content that way too)

Rouge also has similar logic as Black Flag.

If you strip-mine Liberation you might have a long time at once that's just collecting things. You should note many collectibles and side missions also only appear on the map if you have the correct persona selected, so be sure to switch those up occasionally to make sure you are not missing anything. In addition to that, certain gadgets like the Umbrella gun can make certain missions much easier, so you may want to progress through the story to unlock that as well. Also the whip, it's awesome. Basically a rope dart with infinite ammo.

Hope I was helpful. :D

03-07-2018, 03:34 PM
I'd go at whatever pace feels comfortable to you in ACIV.

For Rogue, I'd wait until Sequence 3 or 4, because a lot of stuff is locked before then and you'll just end up having to double back.

For Liberation, there are a surprising amount of locations. I'd do the Bayou and the City as soon as they're available, and the rest you can hit when you get there.

With Unity- I'd suggest first doing as many Cafe missions as possible, to start collecting money quickly right off the bat. Do your own cafe first, then hit the rest across town. Sync viewpoints as you go for Fast Travel, because Paris is pretty big. Do missions as appropriate- you may be severely underleveled for some at first.