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03-06-2018, 02:03 AM
Hello girls and guys, I'm french and i hope that my English writing is good enough to share with you an idea for BGE2.

The problem is :

Building an entire solar system fully designed by human is impossible even for a studio as big as Ubisoft. Everything must be designed by yourself but if you use Procedural generation, you risk to make spawning maps without background with an impression of void.

The solution proposed:

I propose a solution for this this common problem. Let's the players the possibility of created new assets like houses with characters, being able to write the lines of dialogue when you meet the residents of the house, etc. Maybe even the possibility of creating new secondary quests. The center of the cities are like the historic center of our cities on Earth, they are there since a very longtime. In that location could happen the quests of first importance and be entirely designed by the developers'team.

In the other locations, it could be a procedural map using assets from a database created by the players and the developers. These parts of the city could be more user-adjustable, with more potentials of creation. Building a new house, doing commerce with other merchants and pirates.

All the new houses, or commerce, or relation with the environnement will be analyzed by an artificial intelligence. It will be in charge to understand how the players plays and how to reproduce their behavior. For example that should help to build a strong, competitive and realistic economy and giving the suburb of the cities a real interest for the players.

The assets made by the players would be proposed to rest of the community on the forum and their integration in the database should be voted.by a jury of moderators.

The AI:

It uses the progress of technology in artificial neurone networks. She educate herself from observing the players with some parameters "stuck" by the dev's team to be not "trolled" by the community (For example, everyone one day decide to build little towers 2 meters large and 20 meters high, the asset will be not put in the database of assets you have to vote for integration in the shared datababased use by the AI. No other player will see appears this type of structure in game.) In economy, the price of items on the market depends of the price of selling medium by all the players who has sold this item during one day for example. The suburb of cities would be full of quests and characters design by the players.

The AI will command the procedural generation with its knowledge from the players.

03-06-2018, 01:17 PM
Hmm I actually think they have solid plans for how to go about this otherwise why go into a solarsystem.
It would be cool if assets from players for developer would be a thing. But on the other side I wonder if that doesn't bring like legal issues.

03-06-2018, 05:15 PM
Your propose remind me of PS4 video game "Dreams" premise.
Since create an AI to handle all this stuff looks like a big, hard task that I really doubt BGE team would be able to fulfill while they're creation BGE 2 world and their story, one must considered that every user generated content could be used to troll, cheat, spoil the main story, etc, etc, etc. It would be a bothersome task to curate and keep it clean, draining resources and time that could be used to improve the game.
Its a nice idea in paper but kinda hard to achieve in real life.
Probably BGE team would made use of some procedural generation of some areas and then retouch them by hand to make them feel more realistic. That could help them to save time in this matter.
I remember Wasteland 2 tried to make something similar to this, crowdfunding assets for their game, and their idea had mixed results, as far as I recall.