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03-05-2018, 10:04 PM
Hello to all AC-fans and other game fans around the globe,

I think that we deserve at least another game with Arno, and in further text I would like to explain why.

When playing Unity, I personally felt like the game story is not finished, that there is something missing, after a short thinking it came to my mind that is the story about "avenging son" and/or playing Arno's vendetta in order to hunt Shay down. I think that might be the best sequel that would AC have after Ezio's saga. The real reason why I started playing Rogue and Unity was this cool connection between these two games and I expected that in the end we would find out what had happend between Arno and Shay (which I think that they must have at least some connection, after "Shay's last contract"). I think that we need some answers in further - maybe "saga", and that all those problems with optimization, glitches, downgrades was because a lack of time that producers of Unity had. Maybe with a sequel, at least part of "lost fandome" can be returned, and the glory of AC can shine once again.

Also, as I was playing this awesome game( excluding those bad optimizations,etc..) I did not felt "UNITE" . I felt like I was playing alone. What's with all that "blade-in-the-crowd" thing? There were a lot of NPCs but they were useless, right? Isn't the main reason of revolution a crowd and "angry mob" which will help us by striking down the palace after our initiation, just like "Assassin's Creed Unity Coop Trailer" presented? I dunno, I felt alone and NPCs were there just to low my frame rate, if you know what I mean.

I like stealth, but in Syndicate, stealth was better (my opinion) with all that whistling and "automatic-cover-thing".

Anyway, Plot and destination was way more interesting in Unity than in Syndicate,etc.. That's why I think that at least one sequel with enough time to work n is right thing to do Ubisoft!

Thank you all for this little time that I took you, and if you agree, please, help me, or us, to try to get Ubisoft's attention and make this happen.

Thanks, once again.

LINK: https://www.change.org/p/ubisoft-org-assassin-s-creed-unity-sequel