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03-05-2018, 09:32 PM
Hi guys,

I just crossed over to legendary earlier this week. I figure i'd make the jump since the season is ending soon and the new pack winning requirements makes it possible to still win a pack every 4 hours without winning a match.

Here's the deck:

Here's my kid in legendary. It's a low legendary rank, but legendary nonetheless. ;)

A little info on the deck
-This setup will comfortably get you up to rank 48 as long as you have level 4 ike, sally and butters. Do max out their stats at level 4, though, as they're the MVPs of this build.

-Don't start off the match going on the offensive. Let the fight come to your kid. When you see an advantage in energy over your opponent, that's the time to strike with your assassins and rats.

-When launching a mass attack with ike, sally and butters, spread them. I'll usually spawn one at each corner and one down the middle.

-If you feel you have difficulty dealing with air units, swap out your enforcer Jimmy with Nathan.

-Don't level up your Kenny too much. I use him defensively. I will generally throw him out in response to assassin cards. It's good times when you throw him out, catch an ike or sally, and have the energy to spawn an ike, sally or butters of your own. It's ESPECIALLY good times when you catch an opponent's Cyborg Kenny, and then that Kenny catches another one of your opponent's cards. It helps to have a weaker Kenny than your opponent.

-It's made of easily accessible cards. I started playing in late November and stayed free-to-play ever since. Just get on a healthy, donating team, donate yourself, and level up your butters, ike and sally. They are priority.

-It packs a punch. A decently leveled butters with some cannon-fodder will often 2 shot an energy bar.

-It's very "stupid-friendly". I'm not a very cerebral guy. I prefer blunt force tactics to strategizin' and sh*t. You don't have much to think about other than trying to be conservative with your energy until you have enough for a strong blow. This is a "Rocky Balboa" style deck.

-Deck is especially strong when the timer's under 1 minute with the energy speed-up. If you get to that point, have 6 energy and ike, sally and butters in your hand, it can easily turn the tide of a match.

-Overall, regeneration decks have been difficult to deal with. Not impossible, but difficult. I've had more success dodging zen cartman than trying to kill him. I've often won matches where the fat tub of lard was right in front of my kid, but i've successfully kept my opponent on the defensive with lateral attacks from my fast 2 energy cards or rats.

-Mecha-Timmy's has been...well...a nightmare. If you see him once, save all your fireballs for him.

-Mephesto is another jerk whom you should save the fireball for.

03-06-2018, 12:16 AM
You are very weak to any deck with starvin marvin, pigeons or mephesto. Verrry weak to air...
the reason you put kenny at lower level by the way is to counter other kennies.
You dont use him directly at assasins...
For assasins use heidi or other fighters.
You also dont have any clydes wich is very strange or stans...
For the rest its very much like my own deck.
Altough i think i got better cheaper board removers without the need of expensive spells.
Like arrowstorm and fireball is expensive.

I reck almost all mecha timmy decks because of stan of many moons and aqr.

Aqr is the ultimate back remover and mecha timmy destroyer.
If you wana kill more mecha timmies shes beast.

03-06-2018, 12:48 AM
When i see a marvin or mephesto in their deck, i'll reserve the fireball for them and play a little more conservatively.
The pigeons honestly don't give me too much trouble. I seem to always have the arrows ready when the pigeons start flying or, if i don't, i'll drop cartman to take the hits while i zap them.

What board removes do you have that are cheaper than arrowstorm?
Took me a little googling to find out who AQR was :D. I used to use her but she was too expensive and too low level, since i was saving up all my sci-fi upgrade items for level 6 butters. I guess i could start upgrading her and see how she fairs.

Unfortunately, i never did find a stan of many moons. I don't like program stan. As for clydes, i used to use hookhand clyde, but i have the worst luck when it comes to his parrot launch. It got too frustrating and i cut him from my team. :P I've used alien clyde before too, but the same thing would happen with his poison launch. I opted for the weaker, but more secure and faster arrowstorm.

I'll try leveling those cards up and see how they play.

Thanks for the tips, Geert.

Can i see your deck?
What rank are you?
Average cost?

03-06-2018, 01:33 AM
I dont really take average cost into account. My rank now is 48.
I got the same setup as you do but i do not need any spells.
Aqr is my fireball ++, stomm is my arrowstorm ++. Cheaper better, free unit.

Its 3.2 but it doesnt really matter.
Aqr is more powerfull than fireball.
Shes worth every bit of my coins.
20 poison damage per second.
Saved my *** against cheater pushes many times.
Nathan, non existant, angel wendy? What angel wendy?
What mecha timmy? All dead in less then 15 seconds XD.

What you never want to do is put stomm against mecha timmy... he will use your charge.
Aqr does not have that problem, its a direct charge. And she has 320hp 70 attack at level 4 so like enforcer jimmy. But lil weaker.
And since mecha timmy is so slow he will die before hitting you.

I have pirate ship timmy, very good against flying. Charge deals well with both assasins pigeons rats.
You can also fire from very far at the newkid with pirate ship. Very handy if you need to kill 100 hp. 1 hit is enough.

I dont have rats, i dont like them, i have hookhand and awesomo..
for baiting mecha timmy, he is so slow and not dangerous if mindcontrolled. Unlike some assasins xD

Hookhand is rng but alian clyde gets reallly good at high level.
I find program stan pretty good aswell, they buffed his stats.