View Full Version : Execution ideas for characters consider the following

03-05-2018, 02:06 AM
Medusas head:gladiator grabs the opponent and headbutts them, causing them to fall he the stabs their neck decapitating them as a result he then grabs the head and holds it up as if he was in an arena with people cheering he then kisses the head and throws it away behind him. Length of execution: long

Show off:gladiator throws his trident up and balances it by the tip of his finger while it stands up while he simultaneously grabs the enemy head butting him pushing him away, he then finally letís his trident drop back in his hand and stabs the enemy in the forehead, he then pulls the trident out.

Length of execution: moderate

Drop the elbow

Gladiator stabs the opponent in the gut he then pulls him to the ground planting the trident in the ground lifting his elbow patting it twice before he jumps up and elbow drops the opponent.

Length of execution:moderate