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03-04-2018, 08:23 PM

Anno 1404 contained bailiwicks, I dunno is any earlier version did too, but I know for sure Anno 1404 does. As we know, it lowers maintaince costs by -10% on the island, and also allows you to type some notes.

So while I was playing Anno 2205, I was thinking about Anno 1800 (mostly turned around, people in 1800 wonder how 2250 will looks like :p). I just read something about logistic, about the train, and read the replies. I saw, which is quite very very very much understandable, people would love to see touchable goods again (and if I am correct there will come touchable goods). However, as I sat there, playing Anno 2205, I was thinking about Anno 1404 (Luc*us sake stop time travelling Myct). I was thinking about, yes, goods. Now it all comes together: Touchable goods from Anno 1404, the +/- surplus of goods in Anno 2205. As said above, we all love touchable goods. But I was thinking about Anno 1404, about species (was working on Neuro Implants in Anno 2205). I remember, having to stalk a ship, a few times, to see if it delivers enough species to my island, to statisfy the citizens.
Now you can say: alright, and,....? But I'm very much suprised if nobody else out there shares it that he/she has to stalk their ship.

So, back to bailiwicks. I was thinking, what if a bailiwick was a building you are able to build at the second civalication tier? (Citizens in Anno 1404, Operators in Anno 2205, and I somewhere feel like it's going to be labourers in Anno 1800, who knows :o).
This way, as the second tier is most often when you need to go to other islands (Orient, Artic), you have an easy way of seeing your surplus on an island (if the bailwick is build). That way you no longer have to stalk ships, and are able to spend 10 minutes on where to place your fountain!


Still in Anno 1404 :p! As we all have probably heard, Diplomacy is going to be more important. Me, who loves economic complexticity and wants as much production builds and different housing as possible, would love to see a lot of different housing and production builds aswell, and different housing (like you have peasant, and labourer, along with citizen. Then you would have different tiers of each, well, maybe not of the labourer and peasant, but of the citizen). But that's something else. Sabotage! Don't be too hastey,...........
As diplomacy is going to be more important, I think it would be amazing to see things like sabotage.
Now I'm going back to the housing, which, if played Anno 1404, very important with sabotage: bring the plague or lit the barn?

Different housing, I'm going to keep this short:
Peasant houses
Labourer houses
Citizen houses

Peasant and labourers don't have tiers, but do have needs.
When peasants have all their needs, Citizen houses and labourer houses become available. Peasants are needed for farming, of course, and labourers for machine industry and the like (more cramped houses). Citizens would be the richer ones, like for example factory owners, meaning richer houses. Of course, you can't run a factory with a peasant working in them, nor with a citizen. You need labourers for them, same with the farm sites. Of course, factories would also need 1-X citizen workfoce, as they own the factory. Like said before, citizen houses have different tiers. (They can become richer, need more goods, et cetera, et cetera). Maybe a little chance, only make labourer houses available when the first industry building becomes available?

So, sabotage! Depends on the tiers of course! Fire, revolt, plague. This suggestion is more about the housing than the actual things you can do. However, I have one thingy,....

Parlement buildings! Just a decorative place like the palace from Anno 1404 (Venice)! Sabotaging it can give you X% chance on the intell you want, this can for example be: what is the current credit balance of the player/NPC you are spying on, or how many credits does he currently have? Or, do you want to cause fear and do a bombing on the parlement (lower chance of succeeding, specially when a sabotage house is near due guards (like in anno 1404, the sabotage houses also provide guards in an area). The bombing would give some disstatisfaction to the citizens on the Island for some time.

Thanks for reading, to whoever read it :D
(Feel free to ask if I didn't explain an idea that well)

03-04-2018, 09:13 PM
That intel idea sounds really interesting - balance, wealth and population satisfaction could all be really useful information to have about an opponent. I think the parliament building would need to give some benefits to the player, if building it would leave them open to the specific type of sabotage outlined above.

03-05-2018, 11:10 AM
Oh darn! I forgot about Opera Houses & Theathers!
A quick note on them: maybe the highest tier (Noblemen, in Anno 1404) have a need for them? (Same building, as they can host the same).