View Full Version : What the Devs Goals should be in Engineering / Reworking Heroes

03-04-2018, 06:56 AM
The goal should not be to make certain Heroes purely defensive, and others purely offensive. The goal, also, should not be to completely eliminate one type of play, and have everyone play the game one way. The goal, instead, should be to allow a player to operate how they please, but also restrict the way the player operates, depending on the Hero in question. You should be able to take any Hero and play in any way with that Hero, but each Hero should pose restrictions and obstacles for the player to mold that way of operating in a direction befitting of the Hero in question.

The lore and personality surrounding each Hero should play a big part in this. Take Conqueror, for example. Ex-convicts, with a rough-n'-tumble attitude. They present a stone-wall defense while having a heavy emphasis on hitting really hard. Thus, they way he plays should reflect that.

03-04-2018, 09:46 AM
I agree that kits should be more like their thematic roots.
I also agree that there should be a healthy balance of both styles of play.