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03-04-2018, 05:23 AM
The big hot button issue of now. While nothing has been said about it in BGE2 as of yet (as far as i know) i think given that its Ubisoft and their stance on "games as a service", its probably a safe bet to say they will be added in some form or another. I'm not sure but i doubt the team will get much say on this matter. Chances are Ubisoft will only add simple micro-transactions like cosmetics which would be fine and would not hurt the game much if at all. But i do feel i need to voice my concern. Anything other than cosmetics could easily damper the enjoyment out of this game.

Lets say for example you finally worked your way up to a medium sized ship after 'X' hours of going through quest and or grinding and decide to play online , you're out exploring space looking for a big booty or some treasure or whatever and you spot a little dot in the distance and it's coming in at warp speed straight towards you. turns out it's little Billy, now little billy Just bought the game 10 minutes ago but already has a fleet of motherships and a real salty splatoon crew and decides to blast you out of space in 0.02 seconds and there's nothing you and your little pew pew ship can do about it. Now little billy was able to get all these shiny ships and beautiful faced crew members because he had a power that you and many others don't...a large amount of disposable income. whether little billy bought these things straight out the vending machine or through loot boxes, nobody wants this to happen, nobody wants to feel like all of their progress is pointless and inadequate because someone else can throw a few more dollars at the screen than they can (except billy).
Now i realize BGE2 is still extremely early in development and this is not something they or even we should be too worried about for now, but none the less i want to stress that this is something that could easily break the game as seen so much recently.

*Side note : I have so much respect and admiration for how much passion everyone working on this game clearly has, i am very excited for its release and to see every bit of gorgeous thought that was put into this beauty. Space monkeys for life! <3

TLDR : I'm scared of micro-transactions and you should be too.

03-04-2018, 03:53 PM
I can certainly see the worry with this topic. Especially when it hinders the gameplay experience of others as well you'll end up with a dead game. People not wanting to play for the simple fact that all the people with money have bought as in this rather critical case scenario everything they need to trash other players and make it a living hell to play if you want to enjoy the multiplayer aspect. I don't think it's too early to address this concern either. If anything this is a concern that should be sorted out as early as possible. Especially in the interests of transparency. Knowing it won't ruin the story or gameplay.

Seeing how mircrotransactions for so many games in the last year were also randomly dropped items was more than irritating. I feel sorry for people who play games to gamble for that 0.2% chance of an item. There are gambling games out there in life where you can gamble and gamble for winning actual money. It should honestly be kept out videogames... unless you go with one of those minigames like older games for in-game money in an in-game say... poker tournament or even betting rings for in-game wins and losses. Just keep the hands out of the players pocket. This is cash people have WORKED to earn. What they spend it on should be worth the effort they put in to earn it in the first place. People work hard and deserve to enjoy their games in their free time.

Cosmetics are fine. As long as some care and honest work has gone into them to make it cool and interesting for someone to want to buy it. I feel cosmetics would do well if enough design thought was placed in them. I'll pay the price for the initial game, I'll pay the price for the cosmetics I want but I refuse to accept that random drop loot boxes are anything but playing on the addictive nature of all human beings. For many in the world it's something they have to actively fight to avoid.

I'm sorry if this is all rather long but I needed to speak my mind on the issue. I have trust and faith in the team that they'll deliver us a great game if they can. And I still urge everyone to show their support and help feed the creative process along with the devs. This is an amazing opportunity and I hope to see it work out into an amazing game we can all enjoy.

03-04-2018, 05:05 PM
I have to say here Ubisoft has been very reasonably as of lately.
It was already way worse. If anybody remembers that:
https://linustechtips.com/main/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=http://i.imgur.com/Q3OjVSu.gif&key=7cdbae71d16a4c5618ee98f92f612cbc04b5ef4b3dd688 e892cf8358a2876224

I do think cosmetics and microtransactions as such are a bad idea for this game.
I would see maybe WatchDogs kind of addons? in the worst situation.
While I see addons in form of DLCs for a long run as a really good idea here. As it seems we have tons of space in this game which could be more content filled even after the game would be finished. Witcher3 type of DLCs people. That is what we need so the game has a long lifespan (due to ongoing development). Such DLCs maybe should also include cosmetics regarding what they add rather than only a cosmetics DLC.
I almost expect a Witcher3 approach since it was mentioned once in a interview.
And it would fit in Ubisofts DLC policy with such content DLCs bringing real stuff to the table... it would perfect if it is modable^^

And I have to add did any game of Michel Ancel ever release with microtransactions?

I think if Ubisoft wants anything here it is to catch a large fanbase for the third game which I hope will come.
At the moment Lootboxes are VERY hated and with it microtransactions. I am almost certain Ubisoft wants to avoid such topics right now, but still gotta wait ~3years for BGE2.
Trust me if I ever hear about any such plans I will be the first to mention it. Important would be that they tell us what they wanna do after release.
But I think there wont be any "cancer" restriction since we seem to have Yves Guillemots blessing regarding that development.
After all we still gotta wait. That is hard.

03-04-2018, 08:11 PM
I'll agree to that. I'd like to have none thanks. DLC that adds to the game but doesn't mean the studio detracts from initial release content is fine with me however. That's not a microtransaction though. Expansion. As long as it adds something significant. A wide area with places to explore and new ships, story, factions. That's cool.

But I do wish studio's would stop copying each other's business models when they're just taking advantage of others. Blatantly. The one studio I'd not have as much an issue with other companies emulating is CD Projekt Red. Business model wise at least. They make plenty of money from it. Why can't every other company do it? Still makes a butt ton of money because there's actual quality there and people will buy quality.

I agree. No mircrotransactions. If a company alienates it's players and mistreats it's players they'll just end up out of business. Though of course this doesn't mean one should mistreat developers either. They have to work hard. I want them to make something they would pay the retail price for as well. A game they can be proud of in it's creation.

Okay... I've talked enough here. I've given my opinion. Let's wait and see.

03-04-2018, 08:53 PM
I really hope Ancel would be able to stop shareholders' greed since they're who are pushing videogaming companies to implement all these horrible stuff in order to milk every single penny from us. CEOs, developers, are only disposable employees: when someone opposes, those are fired or forced to retire. Shareholder's incommensurate avarice is what is leading to whole gaming industry to a new collapse, that will be far worst than Atari's.
Perhaps this is in part the reason why Ancel decided to open his indie studio, in order to avoid all this cr... nuisance and focus on which it matter: create fun, memorable games and consequently make money, and not the current trend: make video games to milk money from buyers, by creating an addiction to them (like gambling) in order to get a steady flux of cash to shareholders pockets.

03-05-2018, 09:17 AM
Let's all hope that BG&E2 doesn't turn into GTAOnline in Space with all the griefing, trolling and purchasing shortcuts that alienate people who want to play and progress through hours of active gameplay.

When it comes to business models that are worth copying because they're not predatory, Digital Extremes Warframe also comes to mind. Purchases are mostly cosmetic, in game credit and exp boosters. Not a bad example of a company's take on microtransactions. For example you can purchase a warframe (character) with real money but you still have to play to level up. Maybe that's a worthwhile basis for potentially "buying" a ship?

For the love of gods though, no loot boxes. Just let me have the thing I'm buying.

I'm for cosmetics that are significantly designed and make me feel like I'm really getting something worth my nickels and dimes.

03-05-2018, 11:06 AM
BGE2 should take the example of Sea of thieves, microtransaciones only destined to cosmetic things, a single price without dlcs of payments or season passes that divide the community.

03-06-2018, 06:00 PM
If we look at other Ubisoft games, such as ACO, there is a lottbox system in which you can earn a loot box every day by completing a mission. This idea lends itself perfectly to BGE2 (being a space pirate)
I think although itís a terrible mess battlefront 2 has done some good for the gaming community. Itís seen how much backlash even a beloved franchise like Star Wars can receive if consumers feel cheated. I hope Ubisoft are learning from this. Only time, and future game releases, will tell.

03-09-2018, 09:32 AM
Or how about nothing at all xD
Except maybe content DLC

03-10-2018, 05:52 AM
My stance on Lootboxes and Microtransactions is a simple: NO! They should be cosmetic in the worst case scenario, and keep them away from the campaign. I'm keen on the online aspect to be a casually competitive social experience.
Michel, who I trust, just needs to make the best single player experience he can. The sad thing is, I know Ubi are gonna have a way to put them in the game.

03-10-2018, 02:41 PM
My stance on Lootboxes and Microtransactions is a simple: NO! They should be cosmetic in the worst case scenario, and keep them away from the campaign. I'm keen on the online aspect to be a casually competitive social experience.
Michel, who I trust, just needs to make the best single player experience he can. The sad thing is, I know Ubi are gonna have a way to put them in the game.

"No more DLC that gamers have to buy for the full experience" - Ubisoft

As far as I know Steep was one exception, but who knows if that is been final before that.
That was a statement due to Rainbow Six Siege.

So even if worst case would happen I doubt that we will have a lot damage from it.
Also it remains to be seen. As of now we are on the start of development still. Probably some basics finished.
I doubt marketing has touched the game a lot, but I suppose we will see a few more trailers over the years.

Since we know they will very likely push DLC is some way obviously I settle on content DLCs and hope the devs see this as good option too. Here we have literally a community that is involved into the inner workings and I have not seen any hard marketing ideas as of yet. And with our support the devs have probably a greater impact on such things anyway.

03-13-2018, 12:33 PM
Microtransactions are common in the moment but the most players dont like it.
In Star wars battlefront, they had to take it out because without buying stuff you never will be good.
I play a lot of World of Warships at the moment, they have micro transactions but its not pay to win.
the microtransactions there are just pay to skip. you can spend 1000$ but the best ships you will never reach with just pay.
If you dont want to pay its possible to make events to get some premium stuff.
so you can choose if you want to pay or just wait for the event to get it with your play skill.

for BGE2 are micro Transaktions ok but only for skins ore some decorating objects that have nothing to do as to look good.
If it starts to buy ships or wapons or something else what brings more power in the game, it will destroy the game.

DLCs should only be a part from a multiplayer.
For singleplayer is it nice to have it free.

its just my meaning, so hope it helps^^

03-13-2018, 01:32 PM
Don't confuse a Singelplayer with a heavily Multiplayer based game.
There is a lot between those^^

Nah it is evil to have microtransactions in a Singelplayer game. MGS buy SaveSlot kind of evil.

03-13-2018, 01:47 PM
ok youre right, if i play alone i want the full game instead of 80% and the rest is to buy.

03-15-2018, 04:47 PM
So my post on the other thread is:
They could just use the Ubipoints for clothing options imo. I would tolerate that.
But microtransactions in a singelplayer are big no for me.
The last game I owned with that was DeusEx: Mankind Divided and I cheated the PraxKits in order to be on the same level as someone putting tons of money into skillpoints.

I only can agree on Content or said Ubipoints.
Why would you tolerate microtransactions if you are asked? Is beyond me.

Since I am... a freaking huge fan of this game I would probably get a collectors edition or something for the first time.
So I still rate this a buy, but I would hate myself for supporting it and probably not recommend it without the warning about microtransactions or lootboxes or whatever could happen.

Just to have it here too.

03-15-2018, 05:28 PM
Yeah skinns like that or some decorating things for the ship that have no other funktion then looking good.

Ubisoft should agree to make some Free DLCs. with microtransactions they earn enough money to make some DLCs and
early access like 3 months would be ok too for seling the DLCs. but only if these are free for all after this 3 months,
everything else would be too negative for the game.

BGE2 is one of the most wanted games right now.
If the whole game is player friendly then the players love it for a long time and some micro transactions can be seled for a long time.
so more content can be produced for it :D