View Full Version : Good job ruining Dominion

03-03-2018, 04:05 AM
The one game type worth playing and its rendered unplayable. You have a chance if you wanna roll assassin and spam lights. Anything else you may as well not even play. Better keep the test your metal. As repetitive as it feels at least it is amusing at times. Dominion is worthless now like the rest of this game. Ubisoft you are a disgrace.

03-03-2018, 08:51 AM
can you be a bit more specific?

played one round yesterday where the enemy team had like 60 kills and we had 30 and we won. they just ganked. i think they were happy with that.

another round had 2 shaman on enemy team and everybody agreed after 2 rounds that was boring so all quit. they were not better than other players but they end up at 15-3 scores or similar . also the shamen quit :).

so i guess you had something similar happening. it is just a game and if you played 100s of hours i guess you got your fun out of it and it is getting old.

the old player base is gonna quit eventually so for Ubi it is more about attracting new players.and retaining those for a couple 100 hours.

meanwhile i have the fun i can with my valk and orochi.