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03-01-2018, 05:01 PM

Hey, Space Monkeys!

We heard you. Now we have a new poll for you to answer on the blog. Make sure you visit and cast your vote! We appreciate all your feedback!

👉 http://ubi.li/tdjey 👈

03-01-2018, 07:23 PM

The rate of new stuff on the blogs has no doubt increased, i'm conserned what that might mean. Are we entering a critical stage of game devellopment ? are the guys just asking our ideas for the finish-job ???

I'm surprised this came about so soon, but i'm glad it did.

And after consideration i voted planets, even tho i'd love to explore every centimeter of the game quite as much.

Nice post BGE2 team, and good job !

03-01-2018, 11:09 PM
Thank you, @atubaboun! We're just glad you guys are enjoying the content we are publishing!

03-02-2018, 07:00 PM
Yeah, more frequent updates since February... seems to be BGE team enter in "full development mode" :D

03-03-2018, 03:28 AM
I think cities are cool and comfortable

03-03-2018, 03:08 PM
I think that a giant main city is okay like the one in the trailer and on that planet you can have a temple because it looks like a city with temple ruins. But you can also have maybe some small temples scattered around the planet and ruins of old ships destroyed in space. Cities can hold main camps but possibly on the outskirts just for small skirmishes. If you have about 3 or 4 large cities with this temple searching should be fun, I want the temples to be chllenge to find as well. Some in the sky, underground, underwater, in mountain scapes, under mountain scapes.

When it comes to space it would be cool to have a area where there is a hangout hangar in space for outlaws to do like blackmarket trade to buy illegal weapons for your character, ship and just a gathering place where outlaws can hang at like space pubs and etc., basically a place where the criminals hang for criminal activity. In space though there could be small floating cities that are connected to other planets where you can travel but they need significance; you can colonize them with your men to start doing illegal jobs to either produce money and to gather materials to craft things or both(this can also be done with large cities but possibly on a smaller scale due to constant legal harrassment). Those small cities and towns could also have old temples to explore smaller than some of the main cities of course. Having other small govermental space complexs or hangars outside can be used for raids and should have an escape plan and of course some of these hostile areas will be stronger than others too. Attacking other pirates should of course be a thing being able to analyze a ship for its strength before fighting it to see if your stronger than it. Having the option completly destroying the ship and if possible and boarding it is standard pirating, but if you destroy the ship you might not be able to get any rewards. If you board it theres a possiblity of repair and steal the ship from the captain and even just getting more rewards for it.

When it comes to planets having wild creatures on them to tame as pets would be cool perhaps you can also hire people to trade or collect materials but also trade animals or fur. If the animal has fur. Maybe having 10 different main creatures on a planet and seeing which kinds you'd like would be cool. Giant birds or small flying lizards would be cool to use to fly around planets. Equiping them with an armor for battle and weapons would be cool.

Ruin searching should and usually have puzzles however since we are badies who will possibly have explosives can blow through these however with consquence. If you've played the legend of Zelda then you probably know you wish you could have blasted through a door to get where you wanted. However doing this has consequences depending on location explosives could hold consequences and could possibly have the ruin crumble and be make the treasure harder to find.

03-04-2018, 05:26 PM
Ancient Ships?!

03-04-2018, 08:24 PM
Ancient Ships?!

Cosmos homunculi!

03-05-2018, 01:55 AM
I love the updates from the team, seems we finally getting a lot more input from both sides.
Though a few lil things:
- I would like to get notified by email that there is a new blogpost up on the bgegame website, instead of having to check this daily.
- And I still like to see some formatting option there.

As for the information giving.
I am not sure I see the relevance of the post as to the comparrison.
I don't really see these 4 options in the poll as comparable poll questions. It's a biased poll. Cause everyone should just answer "space" since that includes the other 3 options. Cause it goes from big to small space - planet - city - temple

Space can't really compete with anything perhaps only with itself, so I guess the option here would be other galaxies other systems?

As for the other 3 options I'll go a bit more in depth

Space should include:
- planets
- gas giants
- astroids
- black holes
- suns/stars
- wreckages/space debree
- outposts, such as
* floating gasstation
* a platform with restaurants and shops and stuff basically like a concentrated shopping area/truckstop
* astroids with embedded locations to visit, perhaps a pirate lair
* moons with some small structures
* space police/military patrols
* scheduled transpots
* space ferries, bringing workers/slaves/hyrbids across their home planet to outer mining moons/locations
- hightech defence/shields/blockades
- a space mine-field
- clouds of spacedust (while I understand the appeal of just massive ammounts of black space, I would like to see some color introduced)
- something I think could work really well, is navigating with astrology, basically taking pictures of certain stars, from certain angles will give you star-signs, you could simply group a couple of stars and ensure that whenever you have all of these stars in your picture, you can basically know what planets, stars, area that is in. You can even give it cool names.

Now I could do a whole section on each bullit poiint above. But lets focus just on what was asked in the poll.

Next up: Planets
I don't want to go into too much detail here as I have done so already in a lot of my previous posts, about environments but I will list a summary of a few importants aspects:
- there should be uninhabbiltable planets, they simply rough, though they still should have geography, some might have points of interest on them, other might simply have nothing, or perhaps you can just gather a resource from there, like gas.
- there should be semi-habitable colonies, perhaps just for slave mining, eco domes, research facitlies, prisons, basically a one-purpose planet. They will prolly mostly be barren or they are very habitable, but only recently colonized.
- On the subject of colonizing, it could be fun to actually be able to start my own colonies on planets that are unclaimed.
- planets, should have a variety of environments, there might be complete cities, villages, seas, mountain ranges, grasslands, rivers, barrens, deserts, ruins, temple sites, cliffs, beaches, jungles, forests, single landmarks, like for example a castle enclosed in dunes in a desert, icy areas. Ofcourse all of these depending on how near a star is, what the rotations of the planet is. Some planets can be mostly just desert, while others can be nearly just an ocean. What I like to see is a variety of planets.
- Planets with alian-like areas, such as
* forest of purple tentacles
* hollow planets, broken planets
* a planet with red leaves on trees/planets, instead of the usual green because of the ammount of iron in the soil,
* planet of giant mushrooms, which it's spores rain acid.
- some planets might have eco domes to sustain life
- crashsites, of space vessels
- cities, some should be on lloathing platforms, other embedded into the planet, different in size/scopes. Close to a river, sea. Natural defenendable/undefendable, One important thing though, a planet should have MANY cities, of varying sizes. I don't mind if a few planets have just one city or two cities, but there should be planets that have multiple cities on it, otherwise it won't feel like a planet. Then it will just be boring to explore the planets. I don't mind flying across a mountain reach to find a specific point of interest, that be part of the exploration of planets.
- shipyard/ship-graveyards
- perhaps an artifically made planet (death-star starwars), could be a sqaure cube instead of a round planet, or a donut shape.
- planets with wierd swamps, or surfaces:

As for the next level we come to the more localized areas,

such as cities:
- there should be districts/suburbs (depending on the size of the city.
- I am a big love of not just z and x exploration, but I would love to also be involved in the z axis of a city.
- I like to see varying levels of society within cities
- dangerous areas within the city/no go zones, could be because it's shady or because it's valuable area. Like the local royalty/emperor, or armory.
- scenic areas, statues, zoo, recreational areas,
- a clear city center
- transportation within the city.
- propaganda
- I like to see some lively parks, trees in the city, not just gritty, lush and colorful
- there should be a way to park my spaceship, or land it.
- I like cities to be unique and have character, have a distinged feeling,
- There should be a story behind the cities, why are they where, who are the founders, what are the challangers of the city etc.
- dense/sparse traffic areas
- I still like to see an actual puclic transport system, to me this is what makes a city a city. Ofcourse I don't mind smaller cities to just do with space crafts, small space-cars and no space busses/trams/trains. But big cities should have these and I should be able to use them.
- I like the idea of no-fly zones in areas
- city-races/pod races (or something that is unique to a specific city, one city might have a track on the planet, and other city might have an arena where hybrids fight to the death. Another city might have a zoo, another might have very artisic area, with statues and musea and the ocasional street artis.
- I like to see green/parks, areas for leasure, while another city, might have an ice-berg that is cut out in the shape of a curvy slender hippogirl who liberated the city (or did she ...) and another city might have a large sink hole in the center, which no-one has ever returned from why though? ...

And lasty, evenough I don't think they belong to this list,

- multiple purpose, some might be for worshipping
- another for a gang that is using it
- another is for housing a family
- another is huge and just mainly for sigh-seeing
- another is for explorationg of an indiana jones type of location.

I don't think temple is the right word here. It should be: "Explorable dungeons/locations/areas"
Baisically places of interest to play in, specific environments. Though I think this is a topic in itself.

03-05-2018, 09:59 PM
It felt a bit too limited to chose only one option. I would have chosen cites and planets if I were able too.
Picked cities in the end. I think exploring cities is the closed answer to the heart of BGE.

I think exploring the other things are focused in other games like these:

Planets, Space -> No Man Sky, Mass Effect
Temples -> Assassins Creed, Prince Of Persia

Well, AC also takes place in a lot of cities but I think that cities are more important in BGE then in AC.
Its a bit hard to explain why cities are more important in BGE then in AC but I try it:
When it comes to the core gameplay, BGE is more about investigation and interaction with other characters while AC is more about murdering. The other "good" characters in AC are mostly there for cutscenes ;-)

I think exploring cities is one key aspect that the brand itself (and its trailers) promise the most.
Even if BGE 1 hadn't so much city exploration at all....I liked the city and its pedestrian area very much.

As second key thing I would point out exploration of planets because the brand also kind of promises that.
But in the end I still think, exploring cities is more important.

03-15-2018, 11:41 AM
When thinking of a spacepirate game like BGE2, i instantly think about blackmarket. I think a marketplace is one of the main spots that make a world vibrant and not feel empty.
Closed of markethalls like in India and generally in south east asia are a good inspiration. Closed of spaces wich can be implemented anywhere, in a spaceship, on an astroid, in front of a temple or even floating around in the sky for extratarestial customers. Not only could this place be a space where you meet up with all kinds of Npcs or players, but its a place where you can create the atmosphere of a really living world. Not only are the players the only thing everyhing happens around, but a vibrant marketplace where the NPCs trade talk and praise their goods. I can already smell the spices, hear the special offers being screamed at you and feel the vibe of capitaliasm in a slave society, where a moral sentiment is not to be found. That would be a spce i would not only like to explore and walk by, but a space in wich i would really like to sink in, to listen to people, hear their storys, get my quests or just simply shop my new equipment for my next adventure - or sell my loot for good profit.
I would love it, but it is all up to you guys. Good luck in developing :D