View Full Version : Gone fishin, need a recap.

02-28-2018, 08:10 PM
only been gone for about a week and a half and i already feel like i've missed so much. I can't find the last warriors den recap and i'm curious to know how the dedicated servers are holding up on pc.

so, How are the dedicated servers working out so far, PC guys and gals? pros, cons, improves, sustains?

Have i missed anything critical as far as updates go?

can anyone point me in the direction of the last recap? i can't find it and i don't have time to watch the whole previous warriors den.

additional comments and concerns regarding the game are also appreciated, just so i can get a feel as to what to expect when i get back soon.

02-28-2018, 08:49 PM
The last recap might be easier found in the warriors den updates courtesy of candle, I believe? I thought they sticky them, or just maybe they haven't found time. The patch notes would be your best means of a quick recap if there is no update to the warriors den.

As to the dedi-servers I'm seeing mixed reviews on. A few are saying they are amazing, a few are noting no real difference, a few feel leg spikes and frame rate drops more and as usual, there are a few that are so despondent they feel cheated and lied to. Which is about what I expected really.

As for me personally I'm loving the new tweaks. Still on the fence about berserker, but I don't really play him. Those that do seem to like him the more they get used to it from what I've seen.

New kensei and conqueror are awesome, I'm going to try out probably kensei. I need a vanguard and he looks really fun now.

Highlander changes were much needed adjustments to his kit. He feels like he wields that sword now, as opposed to awkwardly flailing it before getting stabbed out of animations.
Nobushi got some attention to if I'm not mistaken, not sure what though.

And of course the biggest one for me, the parry change! Omg the entire pace of the game has shifted. Knowing you can now fun after getting parried makes this so much more enjoyable.

02-28-2018, 10:46 PM
They unstickied the last recap when I put the thread for tomorrow up. There wasn't much on the last den, they did news of the week, said servers have increased stability but not as much in dominion possibly due to something in the game code as opposed to servers which they are looking into, they are working on the PC memory leak and zombie session issues, went over week two of their event then went to community corner.

They said no eta on servers for console last week, maybe news on tomorrow's den, talking weeks not months.