View Full Version : Hyperdrive needs a buff

02-28-2018, 01:31 PM
Hyperdrive's levelcurve doesn't make any sense at all.
If you upgrade Hyperdrive you only get 0,1 second longer speed up time.On its 6 seconds standard time we only get a tiny 1,67% increase in power.
All other cards get higher boosts per level once they get at higher levels, but the 0,1 seconds stay the same. For Lv5 You need 200 cards to only get 1,59% improvement, requiring at least 66 times requesting cards from your team (Lets not even talk about LV6/7).
A 6 seconds powerup was a lot on the beginning of the game, but there is no reason to level this card up at all if it doesn't get stronger. Getting the impossible max LV7 will only give 10% power increase compared to a LV1.

Remember, this is not even a common card, but a rare. So it's not that easy to collect cards for it.

My suggestion for hyperdrive:
Lv1 - 6,0
Lv2 - 6,2 (+0,2)
Lv3 - 6,5 (+0,3)
Lv4 - 6,9 (+0,4)
Lv5 - 7,4 (+0,5)
Lv6 - 8,0 (+0,6)
Lv7 - 8,7 (+0,7)

Warboy Tweek could also use a buff on the speed up effect. It only get 0,05 sseconds on a upgrade, half that of hyperdrive. But at least it also functions as a normal fighting unit at the same time making it a decent unit. But the ability improvement is still not in line with ability improvements of other cards. Since Warboy Tweek works a little bit different it shouldn't get as much of a buff. I think doubling the 0,05 seconds to 0,1 seconds would be enough to make it interesting again.

03-03-2018, 08:06 PM
Agree. Both Hyperdrive and Warboy Tweek's WC needs stronger level scaling.

03-03-2018, 08:15 PM
In continuation, I get the reservation of the dev's to improve these buffs because they actually improve relative to the power of the units they affect, but on the other hand we also need more incentive to level them. Perhaps a lower base duration with stronger level scaling is the answer? Maybe start at 5 seconds base with 0.5 increase per level.