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02-26-2018, 08:59 PM
Instead of giving you an extra percent point (awesome great idea) it should be customizable.

You should have a certain amount of points that you can add to any of the three options. Example instead of having percent increase of 3 for attack 10 for defense penetration and 20 percent for block damage, I should be able to add where I want.
It should be any combo you want. 5 attack 9 defense penetration and 5 block damage whatever. Just adding one level is lazy an not worth it.

02-26-2018, 11:14 PM
Thanks for the suggestion, Mtcmnkk. Spendable points would make for an interesting alternative.

02-27-2018, 12:12 AM
This is a far superior concept.

I refined all my gear in a day and thought "well... guess thats it"

I felt empty, i had to call my therapist and have him talk me out of swallowing many pills

02-27-2018, 12:29 AM
So a perk system once you refine, giving you like, 7 points that you may allocate on any of the stats of the gear piece you've just refined? that's actually a good idea. Only, I see it exacerbating the gear stat issue a lot worse when max-gear players get matched up with low-gear or ungeared players. Also, some specific minmax gear stat combinations are pretty deadly, like max Revenge builds, so this will make them even more powerful.

Another issue is, we can already die in like 3 hits, sometimes 2, in 4v4s. Without Revenge. With this suggested gear stat boost based on manually allocating additive points we'll likely die even quicker to attacks.

To expand and improve on your idea, I think instead of letting us just buff ourselves further with added points, the customization you can access upon reaching Refine is that it will allow you to modify the slider values of the existing stats. Say, you have a blade with +30% Attack, +7% Revenge Gain and -15% Block Damage for example. Upon reaching Refine, you can play with those sliders, make it +10% Attack, +7% Revenge Gain and +5% Block Damage. Or, you may make it +10% Attack, +32% Revenge Gain, and -20% Block Damage. Anything that suits your own playstyle. You modify what's already there, without adding anything over it. This also encourages which piece of gear you choose to Refine because as you loot them, you decide from their stats if they can be beneficial later on when you Refine.

Moreover, you may Refine again, if you wish to re-switch those stat sliders to a different build style. Subsequent refines would cost a bit more but costs do not increase exponentially. They increase by, say 1.5x on the second Refine and from there it becomes 1.6x, 1.7x, 1.8x, etc. That way you don't have to trash your hard-earned gear in favor of new stats, and you're not getting b00ty-spanked with each Refine. You may customize your own gear stats the way you see fit, without being too hindered by Refine costs (until much later if you've already refined like 15 times).

You may completely fill one slider to its max and dump another slider to its extreme minus as well. Complete flexibility with the sliders. With good tradeoffs, based on the already-existing stats.

On top of your concept, I'll quote myself here what I wrote in another thread, as to what Refine should also provide the player with, in terms of visual reward / distinction.

For the weapon, a faint aura around the blade part (or axe head part) of the weapon, that adopts whatever effect we have equipped under "idle", but it stays on at all times, during movement and combat too. And it would render a more "sharpened" illusion on the edges of the blade / axe head.

For the armor, similar concept, and is a bit more focused on the hands/arms and head/eyes. Very faint and non-intrusive. Stays on at all times. Adopts the color theme of whatever effect is applied on "idle".

This doesn't require new models from the design team, should be pretty easy to implement, with maybe slight texture variations. and I'd absolutely love that. And it wouldn't provide an unfair stat boost, it's a visual upgrade / reward.

It also stays on in any mode, even duel. It doesn't need to be a 4v4 mode with gear stats enabled for it to show.

It could also be taken to a more advanced mechanic later on where ranks would play an effectively useful role. The player's rank would enhance this aura the higher the rank is. That could see some tangible use for ranks outside the ranked mode (well even in ranked mode ranks mean nothing other than a badge display).

This also sparked a new thought in my head. When you Refine as per the above concept, there should be a certain percentile threshold for each stat at, like, +25%. So there's a +25% threshold for each stat: attack, defense, stamina regen, revenge gain, etc etc. Now, all these gear stats are categorized into two main groups: defensive, being "Paragon", and offensive, being "Renegade".

If you cross the threshold of, say, attack and revenge duration, they're both under the "offensive" category. Say, +26% attack and +27% revenge mode duration. You effectively become a "Renegade", and you'll earn visual labelling that will distinguish you as such.

Similarly, if you cross into +26% stamina regen and +28% defense, which are both in the "defensive" category, you become a "Paragon", with the related visual distinction / labelling.

If you however cross into +26% attack and +28% defense, being offensive and defensive respectively, you become "Paladin". A third different visual distinction applies.

It requires you to cross the +25% of at least two stats of the same category to unlock a labelling. So if you crossed two defense thresholds and one offense threshold you'll still be Paragon. Though crossing three thresholds is hard. And crossing into two stat thresholds yields considerable tradeoffs in other stats, so one must play it out thoughtfully. A full-on attack and revenge is actually dumb, you'll have crap defense and crap exhaustion recovery for example. Dumb, but fun. And most importantly, flexible.

@UbiInsulin if you're also reading this, what do you think? :p I'm probably the most hated man by the dev team hah.