View Full Version : Rules and maps for 4vs4 Tribut Tournament on Saturday

02-26-2018, 01:11 PM
I was asked by ForHonor tournament players if we can offer 4vs4 tribute tournaments in the ESL. Since the release will take a while, I'm offering the tournaments via Battlefy in the meantime.

With a time of 10 minutes and a best of 3, a series should not take more than 30 minutes. Do you think that all available maps for the tribute mode are usable for tournaments?

The rules are still a bit thin. Should a player be able to reenter after a disconnect?

Do you have any other suggestions for improvement?

Here is the link to the tournament:
https://battlefy.com/forhonor-esports/for-honor-ps4-4on4-open-cup-1-europe/5a8ed3d843d3330354cc56ba/info?infoTab=rules (https://battlefy.com/forhonor-esports/for-honor-ps4-4on4-open-cup-1-europe/5a8ed3d843d3330354cc56ba/info?infoTab=rules)