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02-25-2018, 03:12 PM
Bombers are basically invincible. They can sponge 2 magazines of a primary weapon easily. Youíd never find a bomber in multiplayer so whatís the bonus of having them just to blow you up instantly? Terrorist shouldnít be able to melee and 1 hit operators. It feels very unbalanced and frustrating. There isnít a proxy nitro in multiplayer so why are there millions of them in Terro hunt? Itís very annoying to accidentally walk into a proximity nitro and die. Terrorist need to be affected by smoke more. I can throw a smoke bomb and theyíll brush it off and still shoot me through it. It doesnít seem fair that they can see through it perfectly fine. Defending terrorist shouldnít have smoke or flash bang. It doesnít make sense that the defending terrorist have shields, flash bangs or smoke grenades like an attacker. Please fix this. Lastly, please fix the outrageous hit box of a terrorist. I can shoot 7 bullets into a terrorist heads and it doesnít register as a single headshot. Please fix all of these issues!

Edit: terrorist also shouldnít be able to go outside undetected. Itís very annoying when attacking that I find a bomber jump out of a window and run up to me without any indication. Iím fine to let them come outside as long as it comes up as an icon or something along those lines.

Replies: I know the bomber can be killed in 3 headshots but the hit box seems very random and doesnít register most of the time. I am shoot him loads of times and not get a kill. Besides 1 headshot should he an insta kill anyway. I donít think personal insults such as my aim is bad is very relevant especially since Iím plat. Even if youíre better than me it doesnít mean Iím bad and you get to insult me. Insulting me only makes me think you donít have a point so you just attack me instead.

03-05-2018, 09:31 PM
Did you try playing on a low difficulty? Sounds like you want it to be easier...I agree with the part about them jumping out windows to get you even though they canít see you. There have been times where I am hidden in a corner outside using my drone and a guy will jump out a window to kill me...so thatís messed up but you should just play it on easy and see if you still have issues

03-08-2018, 12:10 AM
I constantly drop bombers in 3-4 hits before they even have a chance to react. Wanna really screw with em shoot the bomb on their back and they'll stand there stunned for a couple seconds. Do have to agree on the supernatural ability to see through smoke or solid walls of terrorists, and their going outside without a warning.

03-08-2018, 12:12 AM
answer to to all WHY WHY WHYs, its because its ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GAME MODE thats why kiddo, and no, headhitboxes are good, your aiming isnt . besides this there is nothing much more to add to this "complaint" there are far greater bugs and gamebreaking glitches in the AI that wont be probably ever fixed, for example this season they made 0 TH fixes , thats the end of it

05-11-2018, 11:17 PM
maybe the terrorist have GLAZ eyes and can see through smoke, solution to the c4 gathering is too use thatcher clears them no probs.