View Full Version : Struggle on the Lv47-48 and how to level up

02-25-2018, 10:06 AM
I an struggling on the Lv47-48 for 1 month..
My deck has

SF Timmy Lv1
Kenny, Stan, Cartman Lv3
Butters Lv4

Adventure Stan Lv1
Cartman, Fireball Lv4
Kyle Lv5

Neutral Dogpoo Lv3
Nelly Lv4
Rat Lv5

Leader(myself) Lv:15

My deck is weak for fantasy stan, kenny, butters and neutral mephesto.
SF Timmy, Adventure Stan and Kyle is weak for poison or characters who throw poisons.
I'm trying to level up Butters and Cartman with requestung on the team.
I always buy Epic cards on the Butters House which I use.
I open PvP pack 4-5/day. PvP maches won 1700 and perfectly 1100, PvE 500.

How can I level up my deck or change characters for going up higher levels?
Or I am weak because of lacking the strategies?

02-27-2018, 02:14 AM
My main concern with your deck is that you have 2 Cartmans and 2 Stans. Never a good idea to have a character double in your deck. Having one character twice is acceptable, but definetely not 2. Also the main strenght of Sci-Fi is poison, especially with the purify and regeneration nerf, and you are not using that at all. And finally, you rely too heavily on rares and epics. You write that you buy and use epics like it's a good thing, but even after the slight buff to epics and rares, level 4/5 commons still outclass level 3/4 rares and level 2/3 epics by far.

My suggestions would be
- replace your Awesomo 4000 with alien queen red
- Replace Progam Stan with Calamity Heidi
Other cards I would replace:
- Cyborg Kenny with Smuggler Ike (I don't like 3 drop assassins and you already have rat Swarm)
- Nelly with Nathan or Terrance Mephesto (Nelly is good, but you only have 2 ranged units to take out Mephesto and Starvin Marvin. And if I see you play that a-hole of a Mecha Timmy, he's going to be my top priority to take out.)
- Dogpoo with Alien Clyde
Peronally I also don't like using Rat Swarm, but most people will say that I am wrong about this. I would replace Rat Swarm with Bandita Sally or Poison.

My suggestions will also slightly lower your average energy cost.

02-27-2018, 12:57 PM
Thank you for your advice.
I will change these cards and try it.

02-27-2018, 03:43 PM
Thank you for your advice.
I will change these cards and try it.

You're welcome! Hope it works out for you. Off course I don't know how many mats and coins you have and how far you have upgraded the cards I suggest, so you might want to not replace them all at once.

Just an example of why you shouldn't blindly rely on epics:
Dogpoo vs Alien Clyde
* Both 3 Energy
* Max upgraded lvl3 Dogpoo 369HP 126ATK, no special ability
* Max upgraded lvl5 Alien Clyde 442HP 95ATK, 40 poison DMG per second for 20 seconds = 800DMG!
* If your opponent casts a Mecha Timmy at the start and you follow with an Alien Clyde, Timmy is going to die from poison before he can do anything.

You can make the same comparison for almost all the epics vs commons. The link below is to a spreadsheet where you can find most of the stats for most of the characters. It hasn't been updated yet since the last buff of rares, epics and legendaries, but since the buffs were pretty small it gives you an idea of how they compare. They will update the spreadsheet after the BFU.


02-27-2018, 08:11 PM
Thank you for advice again !

I don't have enough silver and gold mats of every theme because I canged my main theme from Mythtical to SF after the big nerf of Regeneration and Purify.
I had Lv 5 poseidon stan and angel wendy Lv4 Regeneration and Puryfy but Zen Cartman didn't grow up enough and still weak (Lv4-31/40).
The homicyde of Mythtical forced me to change theme SF which is storongest theme at this time.
Epics are easy to grow up in the short time because small mats works to level up (and formally SF common/rere was my main donation cards to my team)

Also collecting cards depends on the team request economy or power balance.
Hidie, Ike, Mephiest and Nathan is very difficult to collect from Lv3/4->Lv4/5 on my team.
e.g. 4 people requests Hidie at one time !

In my opinion, my weak point of every theme is weak assasins.
Sally(Lv4-27/40, cards104/250), Ike (Lv3-20/25, 123/50) does not work Lv5 assassins.
I'm collecting these cards by myself.
It will consume time for several month, though.

My second (formally main deck) is as follows;
Currently, this deck can't work even PvP Lv46 because this deck is very weak for poisons and assassins which are mainstream of battle fields cullently.
But my 3 month efforts, collectiong cards and mats, was growing up this deck so I would like to come back this if I could.
(I was very upset Ubi nerfed my main 2 cards and that was may main strategies.
But users can't beat up rulers. This deck is still main on the PvE.)

Lv5-poseidon stan(max), angel wendy(43/55), gunslinger kyle(51/55), rats(52/55)
Lv4-Sheriff(max-next week Lv5) and Zen cartman(31/40), nelly(29/40), regeneration, fireball, purify, sally(27/40)
Lv1-medusa bebe(max)

I'm afraid rulers buff/nerf again they forces us to use more Epics.(Legendary cards depends on my luck---it can't rely on)
So I can't grow up common cards on the team actively- also common consumes a lot of mats.

02-27-2018, 09:45 PM
Being a Mystical (+ Fantasy) player myself I can feel your pain about the nerfs. Personally I have dropped Powerblnd and replaced it with Hercules Clyde. Purify I have kept in my deck, but use it only very selectively. For example when a character with almost full health has been mind controlled by Cyborg Kenny or if I can remove poison from 2 strong characters who stil have most of their health.

Last few tips:
- I understand the attractiveness of epics, but you have to look at the long run and then they are just not really worth it so focus on commons and rares. But I have falen in the same trap on several epic cards, so no shame in that.
- When spending pvp tickets in Butters shop you have to prioritize. Always go for the materials first, even if it is a theme you don't use, because you never know if you have to switch. Next priority are the Cartman coins. And if you still have tickets left, buy epics, but only 1 of each available and don't wast it on useless epics (best example Pope Timmy). If a rare is on offer that you like, maybe buy 1 or 2, but you can always request them from your clan so no real need to waste pvp tickets.
- Maybe a strange tip, but don't be too quick to drop Mystical. It is now definitely the weakest theme and severely crippled, but ... I am hoping that the developers will see the error in their ways and at least undo some of the nerrfs on Powerbind and Purify to make them playable again. And because so many people are dropping Mystical, there has never been a better time to request Mystical cards from your clan members! Just think about all the Poseidon Stan, Angel Wendy, Zen Cartman and Friar Jimmy cards people are happy to part with now :). You can easily get 36 commons or 9 rares a day in Mystical now.

02-28-2018, 12:51 PM

Thank you very much, indeed !

I hope developers shuould think about Mystical users again and don't rush into take money easily from users who change themes.
(They should buy coins, upgrade items and so on---I hate last week's 20% off offer and like that.)
I don't like developers to take unfair advantage of these users.

I will continue to collecting Mystical cards and mats (every theme, gold and silver).
Also I hope I would match with you sometimes.