View Full Version : Suggestion: Use bossses moveset

02-24-2018, 06:30 AM
This test your metal is a perfect way to buff existing OG characters. Orochi could use that unblockable overhead swing.

Warden can use one of the two unblockable swings.

Like ****, either one at the end of a combo or one from neutral that can be feinted?!

Warlord.... Ok dont really fight him that much to say what he gets as a boss, but make him get stuff!

Like come on guys. You already have the animations... this is kind of a golden opportunity to take existing animations and give them to the OG cast to improve upon your cast.

I mean yea it wont be the end of your reworks for them, but think about it... its a stepping stone.

Plus who wouldn't wanna do that running warden charge!?

02-24-2018, 06:56 AM
i want to have their armors they looks awesome!

02-24-2018, 01:37 PM
If warden can have a cape or apollyon's armour then I'm happy. And i agree, Warden needs those the most. Would be sick af.

02-24-2018, 01:51 PM
Yeah I think they should do that it would save time, even if they gave warden all her moves it's not like he would be op, the bosses are already easy to beat 1 on 1 with loads more health and damage, maybe that's why they did the event to test how players react to there move sets.

Orochi could use all them moves tozen has all they need to do is drop the damage as he hit me with an unblockable for 119 damage lol.

Please devs do this even if it's just while you do proper reworks orochi needs something now, so does warlord and warden.

02-24-2018, 05:35 PM
The thing with the bosses is, they don't play by our rules. Those extra moves they are sporting may look neat while they perform them, but under player character rules, those moves would probably be easily baited, easily punished, and cost at least double the stamina than the bosses use, and have at least double the recovery and half the tracking of that of the bosses.

Like, how would Tozen's blade twirl into unblockable translate onto a player character as per player character rules? you can't give Orochi a superspin that will auto-parry and auto-deflect anything, and guarantee an unblockable. Same for Tozen's taekwondo kick (as fast as Warlord's headbutt and it insta-knockdowns with full OOS drain). It just doesn't fit into the player character rules.

Similarly, Apollyon's sword charge is the same move as LB's stab. It's also hyperarmored and guaranteed on Revenge auto-parry; meaning it's a truckload of free damage just for popping Revenge while someone tried to hit you. And it can cover ground like Warlord's throw, and would have absolute beast ledging potential.

If the devs simply copy these moves onto player characters, they're gonna be hella overpowered and will ruin the PvP far beyond fixing unless they re-nerf these moves to the ground, which then removes their initial significance and usefulness as when the bosses pull them off.

Personally, I'd rather they don't copy anything moveset-wise from the bosses onto player characters. The bosses have their distinct personalities and while they certainly share classes and movesets with player characters, they're the superstar versions of the player characters; they're meant to be special, and overpowered. Designed to be overpowered from the get-go.

And Gitgudmundr is an over-buffed Warlord on steroids in every way. Damage output, HP pool, stamina pool, defense rating, feats, hyperarmor, parry counter, and also has a rare grab move that he rarely ever pulls off but when he does it can one-shot if he's on Revenge. That's essentially what makes him different than the player Warlord, with two delayed heavies also.

I'd much prefer if we can acquire gear sets like the bosses. Like, if we could add a helmet-less Orochi but with a half-covered face, and a Warden with a cape, and a LB with shoulder ornaments... now that, would be neat.