View Full Version : Happy Hour Tournaments Can Be Brutal

02-24-2018, 03:05 AM
I saw the notice that this is a Happy Hour weekend, so I gave it a shot.

Although my scores turned out well, and although the dance selection seemed to favor me, it was really tough and reminded me of the challenges with Happy Hour.

Ordinarily, on the WDF I just need to be fluent in the choreographies for the 52 dances from JD 2018. Two weeks after the release date, I felt fluent enough to join the WDF.

With Happy Hour, I need to be fluent in over 300 choreographies, which is a really tough assignment. I'm fluent in the 2017 dances because I danced avidly last year. Although I haven't done the 2015 dances for a long time, I danced to those hundreds of times each in the past, so I feel fairly comfortable with those. But with 2016, 2014, JD 4, JD3, JD 2, and JD1, there are many dances that I've only danced to a few times, and most of them I haven't danced to for several months.

I had the presence of mind to turn the pictos on today. (I usually have them off.) But I'm not used to looking at them, and for the dances that came up tonight, the moves were coming so fast that I didn't dare move my eyes over to look at them, so they rarely helped (for the third song, I did manage to check out the gold move picto when I heard the cue, and that did help refresh my memory).

It was difficult for me, and I feel like I have an immense advantage in that I've danced to every Unlimited dance at least once. (Some of the more experienced dancers have danced avidly since 2014 or earlier. They really have a big advantage.) Just imagine dancers who are relatively new to Just Dance. Can you imagine doing well on the first song of a Happy Hour tournament, and then the second song is a dance you've never even seen before? I bet it happens a lot. (It happened to me shortly after I bought JD 2017, so I know what it feels like.)


I do have a few suggestions. It sure would be nice to have some idea which songs might come up during Happy Hour. A typical Happy Hour lasts 30 minutes, so we could prepare (for those of us who might wish to do so) the 7-8 dances that might come up if we had some notice of which songs they might be.

There are a few ways that this could work. Presently, there are various Unlimited categories, like Latin or Extreme. In fact, for Halloween you had a special Halloween category and a special Halloween tournament, where you did provide notice of the songs that would be included. It would be amazing if you had a special category for the day's Happy Hour songs so that dancers could come to Happy Hour feeling better prepared.

Or maybe you could give notice on a Just Dance website, though this would require daily updates.

On the WDF, you display a variety of messages, like who won the latest Weekly tournament or how many stars have been earned during tournaments, and I know that this message can be changed from your end because you put up World Cup messages in this space last year. Maybe you could have a message that says, today's Happy Hour songs will come from 2014, or today's Happy Hour songs will come from Latin, for example.

It's just a suggestion. I love Just Dance. I have an Unlimited subscription and enjoy it. I would participate during Happy Hour more often if I felt a little better prepared, which either means knowing which songs might come up, or it means I need to spend some time practicing the Unlimited dances that I haven't done recently. (Staying fluent in over 300 dances seems like an ominous task though.)

I hope that the Happy Hour weekend idea helped you generate renewed interest in Unlimited.