View Full Version : The perfect VALKYRIE rework !

02-23-2018, 09:42 PM
1- Give her a light + heavy chain

2- Give her a heavy + heavy chain

3- Make it so her shield bashes can be linked to heavys, not only light.

As of right now the second attack of a valk chain will ALWAYS be a light, making it a 90% parried move at high level of play. By giving her those 3 points above, her mix up game will become viable.

4- Make it so any of her controling move (shield bash, sweep, push ...) deals a small amount of damage (like the raider knee to the face), thus virtually increasing her damage while still focusing her play still around mix-up and fight control. (DPSecond increase while DPStrike still the same)

5- Reduce some of her heavy and dodge recoverys. I'm fine with having huge recoverys on sweep or shield bash, but getting gb out of an heavy on my opponent wake up because I didn't continued my chain is simply dumb.

6- Make it so her heavy starters of any chain can be soft feinted into a light in another direction. This, coupled with the heavy after shield bash move would give her even more mix up while still being totally fair because of the speed of her heavys.

7- Make the second part of her zone attack unblocable (optional)

8- Reduced her stamina consume overall but don't simply increase her stamina pool, so she's able to keep up her mix up game a long time while still being vulnerable to out of stam when parried.

As you probably understood by now; I don't think the valkyrie simply need some damage. I think that the valkyrie is a superbly designed hero on the paper, she simply needs more ways to keep her ennemies on their feet and guessing so she can work her way out. By giving her tons of other mix up capability you make her the perfectly designed hero: fair/balanced and hard to master. Please do something like that to her, she deserve better than the way she currently is.