View Full Version : WHEN WHEN infinite WHEN are Ubi sorting farcical matchmaking

02-23-2018, 01:30 AM
The matchmaking is STILL a laughable joke, i managed to get 3 NEW i'll repeat NEW players to game NEVER played before so obviously level zero, i used my lowest rep 2 , battle afte battle was complete joke, against reps 46,20 0dd ,15 ,8 in 1st game , rest were same again and again, DONT tell me 40 odd and 20 odd rep players are novices/un skilled/inexperienced it was like lambs to wolves EVERY game, HOW on earth are you expected to get NEW players to game when they experience such rubbish matchmaking, two of my friends have now returned game to shop exchanged for diff one ,the other gonna wait see if theres a brain cell at Ubi to sort this farce out, i KEEP hearing they've improved matchmaking but i've YET to see ANY evidence of this at all PLEASE do something . AS for the abusive feat bomb freaks DONT get me started there ,they DEF need to sort that out too ,maybe block arrows/traps/bombs when 1000 point is reached ,making it proper fight and end otherwise rest of battle waste of time ,many upon many are fed up of the over the top powerful feats ,fighting 1's i agree and approve .