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02-22-2018, 10:44 PM
Dear Ubi.

The dedicated servers are doing their work so far, except the fact that a lot of players are laggy. Lag compensation is coming, i know that. But i want to talk about the next: North-American or African players in European matchmaking. I dislike the fact that europeans can invite one or two ppl from outside the EU in their matchmaking. Most of these people are very laggy and they do not have any animation at all which frustrates me a lot. I cannot parry most of their attacks.... I wonder: is lag compensation even gonna do about things like this? Most games have seperated servers on their dedicated servers like a NA server, an EU server, an Asian server and an Australian server. If one player is for example on NA server, they are never able to fight players from other continents.

So here is my question: how do you see the future of For Honor with this? Do you really want the EU players to get angry every day thanks to the fact that they are fighting laggy people from other continents. I do not know if lag compensation is gonna help at all with those people from other continents..... I really like this game, but fighting people from other continents is NOT fun at all.

I know some are using VPN for to be able to play with other people on other continents, but can you just restrict these to custom matches? I do not want to face people from other continents in dominion or duel or ranked duel or whatever. Let them just stay on their own continent!

What is your statement on this? I would like to know this...

02-23-2018, 02:21 AM
Personally I believe everybody should be able to play with everybody, but players should have a choice for which regional servers they'd like to connect to. You may choose to remain on your own local server only, or you may choose to connect to other regional servers. However, each regional server should have its own maximal ping limit. Say, if a player from Africa decides to connect to a Russian server, if his ping is higher than 600ms for example, the server won't allow the connection to be established.

Moreover, dedicated servers should be only for game modes that need to host a lot of players (4v4s). Duel, Brawl, and Ranked Duel should remain on P2P, imo. It's far safer than having two people from two separate continents attempt a duel on a server placed on a third continent. And I don't see the need for a server to host a duelling session because it's just two people, and if one of them quits, a short "host resync" won't harm anything because your opponent already left, and the replacement bot spawns dead. The same is true for Brawl.