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02-22-2018, 05:46 PM
Hey, i'm on level 42 and i wanted you to rate my deck.

Choirboy Butters 2

Friar Jimmy 4
Hookhand Clyde 2
Angel Wendy 4
Dogpoo 2
Hermes Kenny 2
Zen Cartman 4

Halelujah 3
The Master Ninjew 2
Prophet Dougie 4
Stan Of Many Moons 1

Unholy Conbustion 3

Avg. Energy Cost: 3.4

02-22-2018, 07:45 PM
Choirboy butters need to go,
Hermes kenny need to go and, master ninjew is in your deck but you do not combine him making him completely and utterly useless.

Both these cards are outclassed by assasins at higher levels. Hermes is to expensive energy wise.

Remove those two cards...
Change to ike or sally. And Or heidi.
Heidi should always be in your deck if you play adventure.

If you want to make good use of master ninjew, insert one of the following cards:

Mephesto, rats, pigeons..
Right now you do not have any powerfull combos to use him on.
Wich combo you want to choose is up to you.

You should remove prophet doughy, you do not have the needed combinations to play him well...
You could insert a card like poseidon stan wich synergizes really well with doughy... but you do not have any other choices since the main best combos can be found in fantasy and scifi ( program stan, paladin butters...kyle of drowelves)

It would also be wise if you insert
A mob removal card... your deck is very vurnable to mobs..
Mephesto would be great since he synergizes with master ninjew.
Nelly would be another possibility.

So technicly you have 3 cards to change and choose:

Butters-> heidi
Hermes kenny-> ike or sally
Doughy -> mephesto or rats or pigeons

If no mephesto, nelly or other mob remover.

Also pirate ship could be a good combination since your anti air is very weak. His skill also kills mobs well and pigeons very well.

If you want good cyborg kenny cover, angel wendy works very well, zen cartman works very well and nelly works very well.

If you take rats and need more space you could remove unholy combustion. Since rats/ master ninjew kills bosses verrryyy quickly.

What you choose is up to you, i have given you all information and things you have to keep in mind :)

Deciding is up to you!

03-01-2018, 08:50 AM
Great deck but adventure has better assassins than mystic. Since you go adv and mystic go for their assassins. Lvl 4 commons are still much better than lvl 3 epics.