View Full Version : AI responsiveness to commands is basically non-existant right now

02-22-2018, 12:07 AM
Okay, I'll admit I've complained a lot about AI, but this time it's about the teammates.

I do warm-ups and event farming sessions in vs. AI matches. They're more stable to me connection-wise, I don't have to worry about finding another person, and I can take a break between matches at the character selection screen.

However... I like getting my kills. I don't want kill assists in an AI match.
Originally this was remedied by one or two taps of the "I got this" message, as the AI reacted to commands, albeit slowly and had to be told twice on a good number of occasions. Now the AI just ignores my commands. It does not leave my target alone after "I got this", and they never go to the objectives/locations I need them to go if I happen to be in Dominion. They just keep attacking my target. It's annoying. Very annoying.

Can we get the AI improved just a bit on their responsiveness to the commands? This newer, bolder, and more stubborn streak of AI kills me more often then not if not stealing my kills. Either it hits me with friendly fire, or triggers revenge mode on the target. Neither are fun when I just want the other guy dead by my hand.

Anyone else having this issue?
Also, side note: can we please have the ability to customize the communication menu? I use "I got this" a helluva lot more than I use "sorry" or "good fight". Especially since "good fight" is used at the end of the match, and I usually have to scream "I got this" at AI several times per match. It's not necessary, but it would be nice.

02-22-2018, 09:15 AM
Also this.

The bots must be learning from human players because they are doing the same annoying trash as humans.

Dropping in on fights, interrupting player attacks or executions by just throwing random attacks - Nobushi is the worst but Conq and Shugoki aren't far behind.

They completely ignore any direction.

They stand around instead of reviving.

They fight like background villains in a Power Rangers show, unless they have a chance to hit you in the back.

They respawn when you are 60% through reviving them. Screwing your medic order and leaving you alone to face a 1v3.

It goes on....